For my fourth R&E, I read Legend by Marie Lu.
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For my R, I wrote a summary.
In what was once North America, the nation is split into two sides. The Republic is at war with The Colonies. Day and June are both fifteen years old, but they are very different. For one thing, the female June is, although young to be a cadet in the army, got a perfect score on The Trial, a test that every child has to take when they turn 10 years old; although she sometimes can be quite a troublemaker; she lives with Metias, older brother because her parents died. Day failed The Trial and, having escaped the "labor camp," which is actually a death penalty, he is The Republic's most wanted criminal, though he never, ever, EVER takes any lives while executing his crimes; he lives in the slums, looking after his family with Tess, his sidekick, whom Day found in a garbage bin. When Day's younger brother, Eden, gets The Plague, a terrible disease (that may have been intentionally started by The Republic), Day breaks into a hospital and injures Metias, the captain of a patrol, by throwing a knife which stabs him in the shoulder. However, when June sees her dead brother, there is a knife in his heart. When June is sent on a mission to capture Day, and accidentally stumbles upon him and Tess, a medic truck is sent to Day's family's house to bring Day into their clutches. Read the book to find out how this fanticizing novel ends.

For my E, I did research and I found out that there will be a movie for Legend.
Marie Lu that says as long as the characters in the book "stay true" to the film, the movie version will turn out great.
This movie might get a little fuzzy, so if you watch it, I apologize in advance.

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