Our Group Photo:
group photo234.JPG
Our group photo

(Left) Claire, (Middle) Ashley, (Right) Riley

Our chairs purpose: Our chair is designed to glow in the dark. Have you ever been in a power outage and wondered where your chair is? well, now you easily locate your seat. Our seat is made to glow. We painted three hands on the top of our seat which are painted with three thick layers of durable, bright glowing paint. Our chair will be visible in the darkest part of the day or the worst power outage. Our new seat is perfect for solving all of your power outage problems. This chair is designed for anyone who needs it, we recommend it for everybody, just in case.
photo 1.JPG
In the process of spray painting.
Painting and building at claire's.

Our original sketch:

acr team orig sketchh .jpg
Our original sketch.

Our original sketch, we thought we would use a l.e.d light that would light up the whole box. The box would be a chair, and the box would be see through, it would be made of clear plastic and would light up the room. We know now the project outline, and realized we must have a catalyst.


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