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Date: October 13, 2012

Goal: Organization and neatness - I will have my class materials and planner out for each class. I will slow down so I write neatly to complete my school work and planner. I will study every night and turn in homework on time.

Action Plan:
1. My locker will be kept neat and organized.

2. When assignments are returned, I will put them in my binder and take them home. When I go to my classes, I will carry my materials in something that keeps everything together. I will always have a pencil.

3. During my classes I will have an organized work space and my planner will be out and ready to use. When I do my classwork, I will remember not to rush so I write neatly.

4. I will neatly write assignments and other important information in my planner and I will check my planner for accuracy by looking at the teacher blogs.

5. At the end of the day, I will check to see if I have everything I need from my classes in my backpack for home.

Which of the steps in your action plan have you been doing?
I have organized my locker and know to take home returned assignments. In the classroom, I have an organized workspace. I am trying to carry all of my materials in one carrier, it is a rope folder that my dad brought me from his office. Before I leave school, I take my time to be sure that everything I need from school goes home in my backpack.

Which ones haven’t you been doing? Why?
-Until last week, I was not bringing my returned work home from school. It was crammed into my locker and it was messy. My locker was messy because I am always rushing between classes and in a hurry to leave after school. I’m not thinking about putting things in order before I shut my locker.

-I don’t always write neatly for my assignments or in my planner because I am hurrying and rushing to get things finished. Sometimes I feel like I am way behind the other kids, so I feel like I have to rush. I know I need to slow down, take my time and think about the work that I am doing.

-I have not been bringing my planner to every class because I forget to take it out of my backpack, so it has not been completely filled out. Although I mostly have my planner with me, I sometimes forget to take my planner out of my locker because I have a lot to carry and I’m just not thinking. When I do have my planner, I try to write down the assignments and homework, but sometimes I forget or have trouble knowing what I should write down because the classroom is busy and loud, so I might not hear everything clearly.

-Sometimes I do not always have my class materials when I get to class, so I have to go back to my locker. I feel like I have to hurry all the time, so if I am not thinking about what I need for class, I may forget important materials. I know I need to slow down so that I have my materials.

In which ways do you feel like you have made progress toward achieving your goal? Explain.
I have made progress toward my goals by cleaning out and organizing my locker. I am trying to slow down so I don’t forget my materials and I am making a better effort by having my planner out during each class so I can write down what I need to know. When I go home, I check the blogs to see if I have all the information I need in my planner. I am trying to take my time more often so my school work and planner are neat.

Parent: Which of the steps in the action plan has your child been doing? Which steps hasn’t your child been doing? Why? Do you feel like your child has made progress toward achieving the goal? Explain

Adam is working very hard to integrate into school by concentrating on his organizational skills. Carrying books and materials that are not centralized has been difficult. By providing Adam with a rope folder where he can store his binders and notebook along with other supplies, I hope he will be more organized and prepared when he arrives to class. I remind Adam to confirm his planner against the blogs so he as accurate and thorough information. I have also discussed the importance of him having his planner out and ready to use during class. I feel like Adam has made progress toward some of his goals but he needs to continue to make a conscious effort. Ultimately, he need to think before he acts, and think before he talks. His personal goals which are taped to the inside of his planner, read: listen carefully, take your time, read the directions, and write neatly (SLOW DOWN). Adam’s success at school is a work in progress. He is still trying to obtain the tools necessary to navigate the schedule and demands of being a 5th grader at BCS.

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