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The Mini Motors
  • What have you found challenging about science this year?
  • This year in science was challenging because I had a lot of tough units. In science, Me and my team had to build a gravity cruiser that was made out of string, cardboard, and wood.

  • What have you done to overcome these challenges?
  • I have been bringing in materials from home. I had to bring pennies, scissors, markers, and pencils. I also had to create our Gravity Cruiser page to type our data and what we were going to do that day.

  • What has been your favorite activity in science this year?
  • My favorite activity in science was to build the gravity cruiser. My job was to make the wiki page. I liked my job because I am good at technology.

  • What is your personal goal in science for the rest of the school year? Why?
  • My goal for the rest of the year is to keep studying and turning in my homework on the day it's due. Science is one of my favorite subjects.

  • What science activity would you like to share with your parents and why?
  • I would Like to share my gravity cruiser page called The Mini Motors.

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