What was your favorite activity and why?

My favorite activity was canoeing because I enjoy being on the water in a boat, and it's a lot like kayaking. At camp Michindo, the water was very warm.

What was one challenge you faced and how did you overcome it?

One challenge I faced was the climbing wall. I don't really like heights so standing in front of the wall was scary. In the past, I only have climbed a few steps, but at camp Michindo, I climbed three quarters of the way up the wall before I asked to come down. I set a goal and went beyond it, so I felt very proud.

How well did you team work together?

Our team worked really well together. We respected each other and listened to all of the ideas that the members in the group had. We planned together and completed the task as a team.

What does a good team look like?

A good team has to be respectful, and work together so that everyone feels a part of the group and the group can successfully complete the challenge.

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