"Keep away from the remote control!" I yelled at my brother David as he was reaching for it. I was in the family room after school at 5:45 sitting in my favorite massage chair. I love watching Austin and Ally, and my brother David hates it. He is eight years old and is immensely annoying. He was downstairs playing Pirate101 on the computer. Then, he wanted to watch television so he came upstairs. The remote control was on the table next to me. We both grabbed the remote control at the same time, and it broke. I said, "Your fault!!!" I knew David and I were going to be in trouble because Dad likes to watch TV and he wouldn't be able to. "He's going to be home in 15 minutes!" I yelled.

David said, "We can probably fix the remote, Sofie." I wasn't sure we could do it. I was really worried about the remote. I am 13 years old, and I am pretty smart. I like to fix gadgets, but I never ever fixed a remote control before. I had a couple of ideas.

First, I opened the battery cover and poked out the batteries with a knife. I wasn't sure it was going to work but it was worth a try. I ran to the first drawer in the kitchen as fast as I could and grabbed three double A batteries. I installed them in the remote and pointed it at the TV, but it still didn't work.

Next, I wondered if one of the screws in the remote was loose. I put down the remote and ran to my dad's fix-it box in the basement cabinet. I snatched a screw driver and sprinted upstairs to the living room. I hoped it would work this time. I felt alarmed that David and I would be grounded from watching television for six weeks. I cranked the screw driver to tighten the screw until I couldn't turn it any more. Now I pointed the remote at the TV, but it still wouldn't work. David had a Gobstopper in his mouth and stuck his tongue out at me. He is so annoying!

Suddenly, I thought about phoning my neighbor, Robert, who is 17 years old. He wears glasses and looks like a nerd. He's a genius. So I called him. He dashed right over with his technology tool box. In less then a minute, he tested it and fixed it! I wanted to hug him. I was relieved! I knew everything was going to be okay. As soon as Robert left, Dad unlocked the front door and walked inside. He said, "What's on TV?" David and I looked at each other.

"Close call," we mumbled. The next time we watch TV, we won't fight over the remote control.

Adam BCS Birmingham Covington School

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