• What have you found challenging about math this year?
The most challenging thing about math this year have been decimals. Decimals have always been challenging for me, even last year. I try to accomplish decimals, and sometimes they are not that hard. Usaully I ask for help.
  • What have you done to overcome these challenges?
I ask Mrs. Lowery for help, usually. I’ve been tutored in the summer for it. I think I’ve been doing better on them. I understand them better now. With a little more help, I should be prepared for them in middle school.
  • What are you most proud of in math this year? Explain why
I’m most proud of fractions. I used to think fractions are hard, but now they are pretty fun. I accomplished this goal by asking questions and getting extra help. I feel by doing this, it is something to be proud of. It makes me feel prepared for middle school, which really makes me feel good
  • What is your personal goal in math for the rest of the school year? Why?
My goal is to feel so comfortable with decimal, I enjoy them like fractions. I feel like I’m halfway there. Mrs. Lowery is really skilled at giving the students who need help the help they need. I feel she has helped me understand decimals a lot. I feel like once I accomplish this goal, I will be fully equipped for 6th grade. Although this goal is probably the hardest of all, I believe I can easily do it
  • What math activity would you like your parents to try and why?
I would like to show my parents IXL and how it work. IXL really helps me learn math. Another activity I would like to show my parents is coolmath.com. Coolmath.com probably helps me learn even more than IXL does. It’s really entertaining. Overall, math has actually been really fun this year.

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