How do you feel you have grown as a learner from your honey bee (DPC) experience?
I feel I have grown as a learner by every time I see a bee, honey bee or not I know not to be scared of it. Learner about how the bees are dying makes me appreciate them more. Not only to I appreciate the honeys bees more, I also enjoyed the outdoors more, too. Overall, learning about the honey bees have been really fun
Did your group work well together? Why or why not?
For the most part, I think our group has been working great. Sometimes people get off task, but for the most part, we are pretty good. I think one way I group could improve, though, is if we all have something to work on at all times. That way, none of us would have time to get off topic. Our group has shown tons of progress compared to other teams. Our group, at the end of the day, always gets the job done.
What has been your favorite part of this challenge?
I think my favorite part about this challenge was the gardening the plants n the science lab.
What is your overall individual goal for this class?
I think my goal is pretty obvious in the bee project. Saving the bees!

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