By Andrew Flaherty

I was going to go to the Grand Canyon. We were all packed up and ready to go.Then my dad went to the Apple Store to get his iphone 4S fixed. He was there for three whole hours and he still wasn’t home. We got worried and called him, but he didn’t answer. An hour later he called us and said he was in the hospital. My mom asked, “What happened?” He said he was sick from his trip from exhaustion. My mom “Talk to Drew. I love you.” and handed over the phone. I talked with him and asked if he wanted his Canadian teddy bear. “Can you tell her to drop it off when she stops by the hospital?” Sure!” I replied. “Bye!” I asked mom if she could drop off the Canadian teddy bear and she said yes.

Mom said she would be gone for about three hours. My grandparents stayed home to watch us. “Okay” Jacob and I said. Then we went straight for the video games and played Indiana Jones Two. We got a snack and played Monopoly and about tens minutes later, we figured mom would be home in an hour. So we cleaned the house for a surprise for dad, if he came home. When we heard the key turn the lock of our door, we went in our hiding spots and shouted “SURPRISE!” But it was only mom and she said tomorrow we could pick up Dad from the hospital. “Did you clean the house?” mom asked? We shouted, “Yes! It was a surprise for Dad.” The next day we went to go get Dad from the hospital. He was all better. When he got home he was so surprised that the house was so clean. Then we planned our trip for November.

In November, we went on the airplane for a three-hour flight to Las Vegas, Nevada. In Las Vegas we drove to our hotel and asked the lady to check us in for our room. She said our room number was 506 on floor 27, and the elevator was past the waterfall. When we got to the room, we were so tired we got into bed and fell asleep.

The next day we drove to the Zion National Park and slept in a log cabin for two nights. We drove to Bryce Canyon National Park and met people who lived in Australia and shared memories of our trips so far. Two days later we drove to the Grand Canyon National Park for a two-day stay. We went to this really fancy hotel with a museum and a really fancy restaurant for dinner. Then we drove back to Las Vegas for a hotel and went the pool to swim. We flew back to home the next day. Even though we had to delay our trip from the summer, we had a great time. But, it was nice to be home again.

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