Andrew Flaherty
The Watsons go to Birmingham, 1963
By: Christopher Paul Curtis
The Watsons go to Birmingham 1963 by Christopher Paul Curtis is a great book about a family living in Flint Michigan and going to Alabama. The main characters are Kenny and Byron. Kenny is 10 years old and has a lazy eye. Byron the juvenile delinquent is 14 years old and has a great sense on humor. Joetta is the younger sister of Kenny and Byron is very dramatic and worried about a lot of stuff. Mom also very dramatic and worried about her children for example she is from the south so she is used to the hot weather, so it is cold in the north so she makes Kenny, Byron and Joetta where 3 to 4 layers of everything even underwear.

I could easily tell that the setting was in Flint Michigan at the beginning on the Highway in the middle of the story and at the end of the story they were in Birmingham Alabama.
Christopher Paul Curtis made Byron change a lot in the story and same with Kenny. Byron is a really big bully because he beats a lot of people up hard. Kenny has changed a lot too in the story. Byron and Kenny both look fine in the story. But Byron dyed his hair and almost got burned by his mom.

Now on to the flat characters: Joetta is not really a flat character in this story. But Rufus is. Rufus was not in the story a lot and his character does not change.

The theme in the story is Byron growing up, Byron being a bully, and racism. Byron started growing up when they got to Birmingham, Alabama. Before that, he was a big bully to everybody. Another Important theme is racism. When white men bomb Joetta’s church in Alabama in 1963, it is a hard time for African Americans, and the author is showing racism. Byron being a bully was very bad.

The Watsons book was very good but it was also very sad about the bombing. I hope you know more about this Book!

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