We were in South Carolina. My family and I were in the car. Finally, the car came to a halt. "Surprise!", My dad yelled. I anxiously looked out the window.
Outside I saw a cheerful-looking beach full of dune grass, seagulls, and fun places to explore. The ocean was a deep blue with big waves washing rocks and shells on the shore. It was a cloudless sky with a bright sun shining down on the ocean. It looked so perfect, without any parking lots or lighthouses. A tide pool, half hidden in the grass and excotic-looking trees made tiny ripples in the sand. The sound of crashing waves and cries of seagulls filled the air. A gentle breeze caused the grass to sway slightly making a brushing noise. Very few people were there, scattered across the edge of the water. But, even with the people the beach looked welcoming and I couldn't help thinking it belonged to us. I jumped out of the car and ran to the tide pool (it was more like a river). The water was warm and it made my feet feel tingly as the water washed over my feet. Suddenly, I felt something slimy bump against my big toe. I quickly looked in the direction where the water was moving. There, was a swamp-green tadpole swishing it's tail back and forth. I gently touched it's smooth, slimy back. It seemed to love it. After a while it swam away. "Angela! Angela! Come over here, quick!" It was my sister. She was looking at something that was a clear white. I ran over. The sand felt warm and with each step, it sank beneath my feet. I finally reached Julia. She was pointing at a jellyfish. The top part was shaped like a goldfish cracker, all shriveled up. It had mini tentacles sticking out of it, no thinner than strings of spaghetti. Inside the top part was wire-like strings, each a different color. I assumed it was dead, though when it was living, it would light up the sea, with the "colored wires." "It's really cool, but don't touch it, you never know if the tentacles are deadly stingers.", I told her. As I walked away, a girl, probably my age, came up to me. She had a long ponytail tied in the back of her head, golden freckles, and a big smile. "Cool jellyfish, she told me. "Did you find any sand dollar pieces?" Wow! Sand dollars! How many things were on this beach? I shook my head. "My name's Catherine. Follow me!" I followed Catherine across the wet and mushy sand into the area of washed-up shells and slimy seaweed. She sat down and started rummaging through the broken bits of shells. Finally, she picked up something white and showed it to me. I had to squint because of the bright sun but I could make out half a flower design on it close to the cracked end. "The way you find them is to look for white pieces with bubbles in the cracked area. It is rare you find a full one." As soon as I looked down I found a piece with only one petal chipped off. But afterwards I had no luck at all. I started getting hot. Finally, as the first trickle of sweat rolled down my back, I decided to jump in the water and cool off. The water was slightly warm, but it felt great. I lay on my back and floated, closing my eyes. This water felt good enough to sleep on! So far this trip was going great!

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