What was your favorite activity & why? My favorite activity was shelter building. At first it was pretty hard because the branches were slippery and kept sliding off the trunk, but finally we managed to find a way to stop the branches from slipping off. We ended up making a really cool shelter!

What was one challenge you faced & how did you overcome it? One challenge my team faced was to balance on a “whale watcher” (teeter totter) without letting it touch the ground more than two times. It kept getting unbalanced and hitting the ground, so we decided to move slower when we shuffled to the other side and it worked!

How well did your team work together? Most of the time we did a good job, but there were times when we didn’t agree. So our team would try everyone’s idea and one would work out.

What does a good team look like? A good team would communicate with each other and listen to everyone’s ideas. They don’t criticize each other or get mad at them. They encourage each other and cheer for them.


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