Goal: Organization

My goal is organization because my binder is messy and I can't always find stuff. My locker isn't that clean either, and sometimes I remember just in time to get something done.

1. I will try to remember to clean out my locker every Friday so I don't loose anything I need, like homework.
2. I will remember to have my planner every class period so I will not forget about homework.
3. I will write notes to myself if I think I will forget to do something if I'm busy, like on soccer practice days and holidays.
4. Every day, I am going to clean out my binder after class so I know where something is without having to rummage through.
5. I will do my homework immediatly so I don't spend my time watching tv or drawing all night long.
6. If I am assianed homework that isn't due the next day, I will finish/work on it after I get other homework done.

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