Mixed Quiz Goals

I want to Improve my score's on the quizzes. I will try to remember the units on the Area and Perimeter. Also I will do my best to Think about how the triangle is half of a Square so the formula for the area of a rectangle is 1/2 base multiplied by height. I need to work on rounding the division problems to the nearest tenth and reducimg the fractions.

Student-led Conference Questions.

What have you found challenging about math this year?

The challenging part about math for me this year, is the tests. The tests are hard for me because I am a very slow test-taker and take a long time to finish the questions and check my answers. Another challenging part of math for me is remembering formulas. This is hard because there are many to remember and it is very easy to get confused or nervous on a problem and then forget the formula you are supposed to do. Sometimes formula's are a bit alike, so it you can mix them up often. For example Permutaion and Combination the formula's are similiar. nPr= n! over (n-r)! and the Combination formula is nCr= n! over r!(n-r)!. They can easily get mixed up to the wrong problem if you sre not focused.

What have you done to overcome these challenges?
To fix my slow testing problem, I have been coming in during lunch to start the test early so I can finish on time. For the formula challenge I have been making flash cards and I study them at night. I also do many problems so I can get the formulas into my head and know when to use them. I also try to focus on the problems when I do them. Doing these excercises has helped me improve my grades on test scores and mixed quizzes.

What are you most proud of in math this year? Explain why
I am most proud about my hundred percent on the test that we took a couple units back. I am proud of this grade because It was the first hundred percent in that class and It was on a hard concept that I studied hard for. I made flashcards, did practice problems and watched the online videos that show you how to do the concept. I prcaticed on IXL and in books too. I am also proud of the problems that I do because last year I was in regular math and this year I am in the most advanced math class, this year.

What is your personal goal in math for the rest of the school year? Why?
My personal goal is to get hundreds on my tests. I want to do this because it makes me feel good that I achieved something that was hard and I worked hard on. Also if you get 100% on a test you dont have to do corrections on the test. Also I would like to get 4/4 on my mixed quizzes, this is a good personal goal because I have been making "Silly Mistakes" so I am not getting as high of a grade as I could be. I also feel like I can easily achieve this goal if I study the concepts on the mixed quizzes.

What math activity would you like your parents to try and why?
I would like them to try solving problems from my 7/8 text book. I would like them to try to solve the problems because it would help them to see what I am working on this year in class. Also it would let them see how much I am working at the problem so I can get them right and now they can understand why it takes me longer to finish math homework.

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