Student name: Ashley D Date: 10/14/11

Goal:To improve my organization.

Action Plan:

1.I will complete my planner thoroughly every day.

2. I will use my planner to pack my backpack before leaving school

3. I will put all completed homework back in my backpack as soon as I am finished with it.

4.I will use free homeroom time to clean out my locker, binder and backpack.

5.I will hole punch and my file papers promptly.


Which of the steps in your action plan have you been doing? Which ones haven’t you been doing? Why? In which ways do you feel like you have made progress toward achieving your goal? Explain.

I have been doing step 3. And I have been filling out my planner on my phone. Also I have been hole punching and filing my papers everyday. We dont have that much free-time at school but i will try to work on organizing my locker and binder mostly. I think i really need to work on my locker organization. I feel like I have been turning in all my homework assignments now that I am filling out my planner and writing down all my homework in it for each class. Also I feel that I have gotten better at hole punching papers in math. For every unit I have all of the papers that I did and now I can look back at them for studying. Finally, I have been better about putting away my papers in the right spots in my binder which has helped me alot. Instead of emptying out my binder looking for a paper all I have to do is look in the subject.


Which of the steps in the action plan has your child been doing? Which steps hasn’t your child been doing? Why? Do you feel like your child has made progress toward achieving the goal? Explain. Ashley is making progress. She is remembering to do most of your assignments. She has been trying to write down the assignments after each class. She also sometimes checks the teacher blogs to make sure that she does not miss anything. She has the right tools to become better organized and she must keep working out to get even better.

Review of Goal Setting No. 1:


I think I have been aware of projects more now that I ve been using my phone and setting reminders on it. I have been filing papers into my binder after every class and after I do my homework I file everything back into its correct place. I haven't been using my planner to pack my backpack after school. This takes to long, and then I would be late. I have been alot more organized since I started this. I have been turning in all of my homework assignments, and I haven't forgotton anything.

Ashley is making good progress to reaching her goals. Ashley has been taking much better notes after each class to try to remember assignments that are due. She has been completeing almost all of her assignments on time. She still occassionally does an assignment and forgets to turn the assignment in. She will need to focus on doing this as well as making sure all homework assignments are completed. We continue to discuss the importance of keeping track of her assignments. Ashley needs to continue to double check her notes with the teacher's blogs to make sure that she writes all her assignments in her planner. We also try to have a check list before Ashley leaves for school in the morning to make sure that she has put all of her assignments in her binder before leaving. This has been a great goal for Ashley and I believe that her focus on this goal will really help her in future years.

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