Ashley D


I put on my cleats and tied up the black laces with Predator written on the end. I am nervous and excited at the same time. I flung my feet around a little getting them warmed up. “Are we almost there?” I asked my dad who was in the front seat driving. “Yes, Abby in a couple minutes” he said impatiently. “Okay” I replied in a shaky voice. I sat up a little straighter and looked out the window. All I could see was a bunch of trees and some farmland. There were not many cars on the road because it was a little deserted and was six o’clock in the morning. I drank some water from my purple water bottle and kept wondering when I was going to get to the soccer field. I tapped my fingers on the window then started fidgeting around with my bag. “Abby we are about five minutes away. Are you ready?” My dad asked from the front of our big black car. “Yes,” I replied quickly. We kept driving and driving till I saw a pizza restaurant. “My GPS says it’s here,” My dad said confused. We drove into the parking lot and behind it we saw a huge field of two full size soccer fields. The green smooth grass ran perfectly across the whole field. There were a couple of perfectly colored trees surrounding the clearing and behind that was a field of tall grass yellow and green. “This is the perfect field.” I called to my dad who was grabbing some chairs out of the trunk of our car. “Yes, it is. The grass is perfect.” I slung my bag over my shoulder. My white ball with red circles was shining in the sun. As soon as I got to the grass, I ran towards my other team members who were passing around the ball. We passed in a circle till more girls from our team came. Soon it was hot out and the air became sticky. I stole a quick glance at the other team.

They had dark red jerseys with a strikingly bright white stripe down the side of their shorts. There were a couple girls who seemed fast, and some who had great shots. “Okay, let’s get going.” Our coach called us over to the black bench where she assigned our positions. “Abby, you will play right forward” said my coach. “Okay” I replied. After my name, she kept assigning positions to other people on my team. Soon the referee’s whistle blew loud and clear. We all got on the field; the referee once again blew his whistle at us to start the game. The game began; the red team passed the ball around edging their way swiftly up the field. One of our girls took the ball and touched it to the side. Next she passed the ball to a girl not so far away from me. The opposite team shoved her away from the ball. “Ref” called out another girl from my team. The Ref ignored her and kept the play going. Luckily one of our defensive players kicked the ball out of the zone. The opposite team threw the ball into the field and it landed directly at Emily’s feet. She kicked it up the field where I could get it. I raced up the field as fast as I could run. I cut in front of the girl and continued running. I kicked the ball as hard as I could at the net. The goalie jumped for the soccer ball. It went hurtling through the air. The ball touched her finger tips and went to the side. She ran towards the soccer ball and kicked it away from her. I ran back down the field so I could be in the play. Emily passed the ball to me, and then I passed the ball back. The rest of the half was really close. We had it down on their side then they would get a break away and put it down on our side again. The referee blew her whistle to signal the end of the first half and we all jogged of the field.

The second half began with a quick start. We went up to their side of the field then they went up to ours. It went this way for a while. I sat off the field for about ten minutes. The time when I was supposed to go onto the field, a girl in yellow cleats and dark brown hair on the other team shoved a girl off the ball. She fell on her arm clutching it with pain. “Abby, go in for her place.” I went in and Emily took the kick. She passed the ball to me and I kicked it straight towards the left top side of the net. The goalie jumped for the ball, her fingers stretched out to catch the ball. The ball skimmed her finger tips and neared the side of the net. The ball hit the side of the bar on the side of the net. Then the ball hurtled towards the other side of the net. That got the goalie confused. She tried jumping to the opposite side but she was too late. The ball came spiraling down sideways into the net. “Yes.” I called out loud. My team started high fiving each other and hugging. There was only a couple minutes left in the half and it looked like we were going to win. All of a sudden one of the fast girls on their team speeded down the field. She was about to zoom right past me when I started running with her. I tried to lunge for the ball but she pushed me aside. I stepped in front of her. We both ended up sprawled on the ground. “Play on” the referee called. Emma was behind us and took the ball. The referee blew her whistle and the game ended. “Good game, good game, good game.” We went through all eighteen people and left the field full of happiness.

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