Ashley's Small Moment

I ran out the door and jumped off the small porch step. Then ran across our drive way. Brown leaves were clumped together in small piles on the soft padded grass. Others were gently floating down from high trees, they somewhat looked like parachutes all different colors. The sky was a fabulous bright blue color. The clouds looked like cotton candy, fluffy and soft. I opened the door of the bright blue jeep and hopped inside. The soft leather was like sitting on a pile of silk. Dad followed shortly behind he opened up the door and gently shut it. He got into the driver's seat and started up the car. The engine started the low rumbling sound filled my ears. My dad has short hair and a short beard. I grabbed the seat belt and put it on "click". I saw bright green ferns and small bushes fly past me. Twisting to look at the other side, I saw tan buildings that seemed to be built so high that they clashed with the sky. Finally, Dad turned into a large asphalt parking lot. I jumped out of the car as fast as I could and bolted towards the automatic doors. Dad met me at the hamster section, a small isle. The isle had red and blue decorations. Next to the hamster isle there were exotic birds of every coler. They all started chirping when my dad and I come in. A lady came up to us in bright pink heels. The lady's name was Annie G. She had dark brown hair in a ponytail. Her long bangs were tucked behind her ear. Ann had gentle looking eyes and a kind smile. "Which one would you like?" she asked me in a soft tone. "The brown one with the blue eyes" I replied quickly. Her hands slowly went in to their cage she grabbed the little hamster so he couldn't escape her grasp. She put him into a small box that was red and blue. I reached out for the brightly colored box. It was hard and felt rough we slowly made our way to the cash register. My dad paid and the doors opened we walked out, my smile was huge. In the car I was holding the box tightly, protecting the box. I wanted a little peek at my new hamster. His dark brown hair was rounded wildly around his face. I was looking at him as we turned down our street. With a strong push of his tiny left leg he swiftly jumped out and flew past me, he landed on the seat. "Oh no," I screamed as loudly as I could. "Pick him up" dad bellowed in a loud, harsh tone. "Ok" I cried out loud in a scared tone. I rammed myself down below the driver's seat where my hamster was now at. He nimbly dodged the hands that were trying to capture him. Next my dad came and without notice opened the door. Seeing a chance for freedom my hamster flew towards the light. He ran out into the open field of tall grass. I belly smacked against the hard dirt, thinking it was a swimming pool. And reached for the little creature. I was covered in dirt, knee scabbed, a faint red showed. I picked up the hamster like a shining Olympic gold medal. Then with a frightening look in his eye, he savagely plunged his pearl white teeth into my skin. Drops of blood dripped down from my finger. The next day the hamster sadly returned to the pet store.

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