My favorite activity at Camp Michindoh was rock climbing. Rock climbing was my favorite activity because I love to rock climb. Also I reached my goal and that made me feel great. At first I was a little nervous to rock climb, but as I went up I became less fearful and ended up having fun. It helped when everyone cheered me on because it helped me feel confident. Also I liked this activity because the staff was really helpful and they kept telling you that you could do it and not to feel pressured. They also were great at helping us learn how to put our harnests on, they were really descriptive and we learned fast. A challenge that I faced was the last day, when it was raining freezing cold rain drops and I felt like an ice-cube. We had to walk far and I was wearing shorts. and I was wearing a raincoat over a short sleeve shirt. It was very miserable but I still had fun canoeing and shelter building. It was challenging because I had to work when I was a little off focus because I was cold. Another reason why that was challenging was because I couldn't move very well. But at shelter building there was a fire that everyone could warm up at. Our team worked very succesful and we communicated well and worked together. At the L.C.C (low Challenge course) we worked cooperativly and fast. I thinnk that we did really well for our first time. Also I think our team also planned out what we were going to do well, which got us understanding what everyone was doing so we were not confused. A good team looks proffesional and doesnt argue or fight. They can communicate and tell each other what to do without being bossy or mean. Also a good team should be working together and not going off on thier own and doing whatever they want. A team should be able to create good ideas by using a little bit of everyones thoughts so nobody feels left out or hurt.

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