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In what ways do you think you have grown as a math student so far this year?
I think I have grown a lot since the beginning of the year. I have gotten almost gotten all my work in on time, I have been doing more IXL. I have also gotten better at understanding problems and this is how I think I have grown as a math student.
What do you enjoy about math?
I enjoy doing algebraic expressions in math. I like them because they are tricky and I thought I could not do them when I first saw them but now I think they are simple and I am good at them. I also like teaching these problems to other people.
What strategies do you use to overcome your challenges in math?
Some strategies I use are making tests for myself for the real test, and practicing with IXL. I do these strategies to help me study for my next test or mixed quiz. They help me to get my brain set for the test or the mixed quiz. I normally will study things that I need help on.
What are your goals in math for the rest of the year?
Some of my goals for the rest of the year is to ace my mixed quizzes. I have only aced one mixed quiz and I want to ace more. I feel like I have been getting worse and worse at them and hopefully I will start getting better and better.

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What are you most proud of in math in quarter 2-why?
I am proud of turning in all my work and getting A's on most of my grades. I hope that I will keep getting A's on my tests. I am also proud that I aced my mixed quiz and I hope that I ace more.

What strategies have you started using in quarter 2 that have helped you become a better mathematician?
I figured out that using IXL helps you study for tests and mixed quizs. I have been getting better mixed quiz scores since. I will usually make a silly mistake though on some, but after I started using IXL I have aced one test and hope to ace more in the third quarter

What are your math goals for quarter 3? How are you going to achieve them?
I Want to try to study for my tests more to get even better grades. I want to make sure I will do IXL every week to to make sure I will get good mixed quiz scores. I will achieve these goals by having my parents study with me before tests and doing IXL every week and if I forget one week I will do double the next to make up for the one before.

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