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How do you feel you have grown as a learner from your honey bee experience?
I have learned a lot more about honey bees. I have found out a lot about there deseases and what we have to do to help them. I have also Learned about many other things about honeybees and I have been able to present better since my expierence last year.
Did your group work well together? Why or why not?
Yes we were able to split up the groups evenly and we do not have problems with it. We also know our jobs very well. I do twitter and Instagram and sometimes I do emails. I will get rid of the junk mail from the emails on our gmail acount, I also post new pictures onto our instagram page. I also tweet new things onto to twitter like if we are having guest speakers come over or if we are presenting somehwere.
What has been your favorite part of this challenge?
My favorite part of the challenge was driving up to lansing and presenting the information on the social media and communications team. I liked this because I did like seeing a;; the people there be so suprised with the things we have done so far. I also like it cause I like presenting and I did a good job this year at the presentation.
What is your overall individual goal for this class?
I hope that we can get our message out to more people and that we get more followers on Instagram. I love seeing new emails from people being inerested in the project. I want this because it makes our job more fun and more challenging. And right now we do not have enough followers on instagram. So we do need to get more.
Social Media1.pngWe have been Tweeting out what we are working on and future presentations

Hi am Katie
and I'm Audrey
and were in the Social Media and Communication Groups.
The social Media group is in an effort to to get our message out to more people, we have set up several social media accounts including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google+. We have also set up an email account, We update our accounts every Monday and Friday.
The communication team is working to coordinate field trips and guest speakers to educate us about the honey bee. We have scheduled and participated in a trip to Turtle Bee Farms to learn how to build your own hives, install a package of bees, and how to maintain the hive. Additionally, we have scheduled a class field trip next fall to learn how to extract honey from our hives.\
We also have contacted guest speakers and invite them into our classroom to continue educating our class. Dr. Diane Tracy, a professor from Oakland University, has already come out to visit our classroom and hopefully we can get Rich Wieske from Green Toed Gardens to come and talk to us about Beekeeping.
Thank you

This is my script for the bee presentation I went to in Lansing

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