China has already admitted to the Three Gorges Dam having many negative effects. Approximately 1,000,000 people have died from the flooding in the past century. People were forced to move from their home and lost their own rights as citizens. Farmers who lived near the Yangtze River have lost up to 70% of their crops. 1,300 archaeologist’s sites have been lost in the floods. All of the repairs cost about 7.15 billion dollars to fix. 180,000 protests each year about the Three Gorges Dam. Scientists and environmentalists say that the Three Gorges Dam is one of the country’s largest environmental disasters.

The Three Gorges Dam project has been faced with many challenges from the start. Even when the Dam was being planned there was many political crisis and criticism of the project. The dam was made to keep the river from flooding and start a good economic plan for China. The dam was actually made to be a symbol of the country’s economic success and to follow in the footsteps of the Great Wall of China. The dam was believed to “bring great industrial developments and it will bring widespread employment. It will bring high standards of living. It will change China from a weak to strong nation.” A lot of the designers of the dam had different plans, but the final design ended up being one large dam, that could represent the nation’s greatness. The construction finally started in 1992.

The social effects of all the Chinese citizens have been drastic. Possibly thousands of people have been evacuated to move out of their own towns. Around the Yangtze River there are very large populations so there is limited space for each person once they relocate. People have said they only got half the space they were promised to get once they relocated. Citizens have also had to move to places with food and water shortages. Some people have moved back to the Yangtze River Region, due to no other land to live in once they tried to relocate. But when they move back to the Yangtze River region their home is probably gone from construction or the floods, and they don’t have enough money to fix it. People who live downstream from the river are living in over polluted conditions. Another 22 million people have been forced to relocate away from the pollution, and a following 4 million from other effects.

The most serious topic from the Three Gorges Dam is the Environmental Impacts it has made. There is many ways that the environment has changed but the two main reasons are flooding and landslides. The water level has been increasing majorly which is causing a lot of floods, which has been causing workers to lower the water level themselves. There has been a lot more landslides from the past century. Both of these topics have been killing many people. Also there are parts of the river that has been believed to cause 19 earthquakes over the last five decades. There is so much litter in the dam it is believed to clog the dam eventually. There are endangered animals in the Yangtze River such as the baiji dolphins that are now considered functionally extinct, and the pollution is not helping with that.

The Three Gorges Dam has been a huge disaster in many ways. Also, there is a good part about it, it has stopped many floods now that the dam has been built, but there still are many negative impacts. The dam was thought to be a great national symbol to make the nation strong, but instead it has made things worse, like people evacuating from the area and landslides the dam has made. Scientists and environmentalists say that the Three Gorges Dam is one of the country’s largest environmental disasters and many people would agree with this.

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