Smelly Melly
“Thanks mom.” I said as she finished my braids. I stuck my glasses back on and grabbed the t-shirt I won from my elementary school’s science fair. It said I love science on it. It is one of my favorites. I grabbed my backpack as I heard the bus brakes squeaking in front of my house. I reached for my lunchbox, but I did not know it was open and everything spilled out. I stuffed it all back in and slammed the latch so it wouldn’t open again. I ran outside screaming at the bus to stop. It was about to turn until it started backing up. I jogged over to it. As I walked on, everything was dead silent and all eyes were on me. I found the only empty seat on the bus. The two girls in the seat in front of mine kept looking over the seat and going back down and giggling like I didn’t notice. I couldn’t wait to get off the bus and start school already. My first class is science, my favorite class. The bus jerked and stopped, and all of the kids were pushing and trampling over each other to get out. I got pushed to the back of the bus where all the cool kids go, AKA the bullies. I got pushed into Burt Scolder who is super tall almost double the size of me. He bullies a lot of kids but he always had a special eye out for me. It started in second grade. I was supposed to be in first grade but I skipped a grade and Burt was suppose to be in third grade but got held back and stayed in second grade. So we were in the same grade and class. It was our break time and I was walking down the hall talking to my teacher, Mrs. Curer about extra credit. Burt walked next me, stuck his foot out and tripped me, making Mrs. Curer trip over me, too. The worst part is that I fell in some sticky liquid that smelled like vomit. Then Burt screamed to the whole school “LOOK AT SMELLY MELLY” and ever since the nickname stuck. I probably have the worst name in the world, Melody. People will call you Mel and Melly and the worst Smelly Melly. Once I finally got off the bus, I realized I forgot something. When Burt walked off the bus he said “forgetting something?” As I looked at him I noticed a big, red pimple under his light brown hair. I just made fun of him in my head. I ran up to him jumping at my lunchbox as he held it up above his head. I gave him an angry look, and he just said “fine take it.” He dropped it behind him and it felt lighter than usual. I opened it up and there was nothing in it. He was up a little ahead of me, and he turned his head around and just started laughing with his ugly yellow, gapped teeth. I had to buy lunch today instead and school lunches make me throw-up, literally. I remember it was my first year of middle school and my elementary school lunches were good. So I expected these lunches to be good too, but I was wrong. It smelled sweaty and fishy and I got a chicken patty. I tried it with a small bite, and I ran to the trash can. Looking into it made me want to vomit even more. Once I was done I knew I just ruined my first day of school and even worse the whole entire year of school. I walked into the building looking at all the friends walking together talking and laughing, I just looked at my feet. My locker was decorated with flower magnets on the inside and my schedule for the day even though I had it all memorized. Everything is super neat inside my locker. I have shelves in it to organize each subject. I glanced over at the clock and only three minutes to grab my books and head to math. Even though I love math and I’m in the highest level math class I hate it. My teacher is crazy; she apparently doesn’t take showers anymore. Also, she picks her nose, and worst of all she doesn’t teach us. She will sit at her desk and if she has an issue about her boyfriend or ex-husband she will just start to talk about that. Nobody wants to go up to her either because we’re all afraid she will touch us with her nose picking hands. But to make math class worse, the kids aren’t even that smart and I think I deserve to be in eighth grade math but instead like a normal seventh grader I am just stuck with Ms. Digger. It’s actually Ms. Gold Digger. That’s what everybody calls her anyways. I heard the bell ring and picked up my pace. Math class is all the way down the hall from my locker and then you take a turn and all the way down that hall. I walked up to the door that is closed and when I open it, it makes a huge creaky sound that makes all eyes on me, like usual. It turns out though that I’m one minute early. My perfect attendance is still perfect. The last bell rings and Ms. Digger starts talking about her boyfriend “Today Chad told me I was the one.” “I almost fainted.” “OMG is Chad smokin’ hot!” Then finally after she’s done she tells us the pages. Nobody knew how to do any of it. So like no one else would I walked up to Ms. Digger’s desk, and asked her how to do this keeping a good distance from her. Her wrinkly, dirty hand crept close to my back. Then suddenly the whole class just shouted out “EWW” and I did too. Ms. Digger’s hand actually touched me. I just looked at her and told her I figured it out and walked disgusted back to my seat. The two boys sitting next to me slowly slid their chairs away. I really just wanted to hide in the corner but looking back at her I just smiled my fake, angry smile.

Walking back to my locker everybody knew what happened. The rumor spread quicker than the blink of an eye. If somebody’s hand just skimmed off me, they would have suddenly get a deadly disease called SMS which stands for Smelly Melly Syndrome. Another bell rang for lunch time. I walked up to the lunch line. This is my second time eating school lunches and I am still freaking out in my head. I walked into the line next to some kid, but he said I could cut him and stepped away from me. So did the next kid and the next kid and soon I was in front of the line. I felt really cool knowing that everybody let me cut them. The lunch lady stared at me like I needed to say something. “Uhhh what are you having?” She said to me like I was already supposed to know. I looked at the options there was mystery meat, spaghetti, and a hamburger. I just chose hamburger since I like them when my dad makes them and I grabbed milk since I knew my mom would want me to grab it. I walked out of the line into the cafeteria forgetting to pay, but the lady screamed back at me. She gave me a bad look and I knew I now have a bad reputation with the lunch ladies. I gave her $5.00 even though it cost $2.50 and let her keep the change since I felt so bad. I walked to a table with a couple other girls and sat down, but they all jumped up and said “oh I think we have to go now.” But I saw them walk to another table. I just stayed there anyways hoping that somebody would end up sitting at the table with me. I stared at my hamburger, worrying about the food getting stuck in my braces while opening my milk. I heard the bell and I went to go throw my lunch away, but Burt smashed his lunch tray onto mine and said “Oops didn’t see you there.” He had the spaghetti and now it was down my shirt. Of course he ruins what I was waiting for this whole week, Friday science and finally it’s here. I walked into the bathroom finding other girls making sure they look perfect. I washed the spaghetti sauce of my face and got most of it out of my shirt. My favorite subject, teacher, and time of day is only three times a week, Mondays, Tuesday, and Friday but Friday’s is the longest and by far the best. I walked into science class five minutes early because I couldn’t wait for science. Right when Mr. Fermy walked into the room I told him all about the science fair I was in two days ago on Wednesday. We get the results back on Sunday and I think I did really well. If I get first place I move onto a science exhibit in California and go face to face with four other contestants, and that winner gets to appear on T.V. I was telling him all about it and class had to start so he interrupted me and began the lesson for today. We started to do chemical testing and mixed around baking soda and vinegar. It started to get really fizzy and expand in the plastic cup. Science class today was really fun but I still have two more classes to go. First it’s social studies then the worst class ever gym. Social Studies is pretty easy, you just have to know the basic facts about history, it’s actually pretty boring because I know all of it already, but gym the teacher, Mr. Zang except he makes us call him Z man, is insane. He has to make sure each kid can do two pull-ups on the bar and every year I fail gym class because of that. All the other kids can do it except for me. I just hang their using all my might and I can’t even get one pull-up. Now it’s time for gym. I grabbed my gym clothes and tennis shoes out of my locker. For some reason it smelled like rotten eggs in my locker. I snooped around a little and saw a splattered egg under one of my books. I knew it was Burt it was one of the things he would do. I couldn’t be late so I just ran to the locker room to get changed. The girls in there never have their stuff and the whole time in the locker room they’ll just put on make-up and do each other’s hair. Except one girl whose name is like Casey or something. She doesn’t really talk to anybody and when I’ve tried she just nods her head or will only say like one word. I ran out of there making sure I was on time. The other girls stayed in there not caring if there late. He started taking attendance and the three girls walked in saying “I’m sorry were late I was helping a kid find his class and it was on the other side of the school. Can I go change now?” Mr. Zang smiled at them and said “Of course you can.” Mr. Zang had a thing for those girls. We started doing a warm up lap around the gym for five minutes. The girls, Tatiana, Charlotte, and Tiffany walked in of course after and said “that it turns out we forgot our gym stuff, sorry.” Then they all frowned at him. He said its fine but if I forgot my gym stuff he would have marked my grade down. “Alright everybody let’s begin, It’s almost the middle of the year and today we are gonna start the pull-up warm ups for the real thing.” Mr. Zang said. My heart sunk into my feet, pull-ups are the worst thing about gym. He made us do push-ups, sit-ups, and curl-ups all to prepare us for the pull-ups. That’s a lot of ups. This long Friday almost over I just have to ride the bus and I’m finally home. I have to take two different buses. It’s different every day. On Monday’s and Fridays I go to my Dad’s house and all the days in between I’m at my Mom’s. On the weekends I’m usually at my Dad’s but rarely I’m at my Mom’s house. If you haven’t noticed my parents are divorced and my mom got remarried and I think my stepdad hates me because he never talks to me when I’m over. I don’t like him he smells like a lot of cologne and body spray sprayed all over him, and he uses a lot. I like my dad’s house more whenever I’m over we go somewhere fun like last week we went to this place called extreme paintballing, I was really scared to go but he talks me into a lot of stuff like this and my room at his house is really big and he painted it for me himself with a really cool design. I know I’m not supposed to pick a favorite but right now I like my dad a lot more and I’m happy I’m headed over to his house soon. I grabbed my books and homework forgetting about the old, rotten egg splattered everywhere and walked to the buses. My bus driver always tries to make jokes about everything but they turn out really stupid and no one laughs but he’s really nice. I’m not supposed to be the first stop but my bus driver lets me walk to my house from the first stop. I’m suppose to wait until we get all the way around the whole neighborhood which takes twenty minutes more when it’s just a two minute walk across a street. I got off the bus and thought how long my day felt. I usually like school but today was just a drag. I walked up to my house wondering about what the agenda was for today. I put in my key for the house and I heard music blasting and I found my dad in an apron singing into a spatula. He looked at me and said “today were baking, shaking, and making.” I could tell that he planned the line. I tried to talk to him over the loud music but he couldn’t hear a word I was saying. I turned the music down and told him about the spelling bee tomorrow.
“What about it?” Dad said.
“If I win I get to go to the District spelling bee.”
“Oh, right.” Dad said “What should I do?”
“Just help me practice please.”
I pulled out some of my flashcards give me these words. These are the one I need to study.
“Pseudonym, malfeasance, irascible, these are words?”
“P-S-E-U-D-O-N-Y-M, pseudonym” “That was easy.”
“You’re joking right?” Dad said amazed.
I just smiled at him.
“You definitely don’t need to practice missy.” Dad said “Let’s start baking already I got you a new apron since what happened to your old one.”
“Don’t let me remember” I told him.
We looked up some recipes and found one that really stood out. It was a double chocolate fudge brownie with chocolate sauce drizzled on top. Me and my dad love chocolate so much so we knew this is the one. We made a huge mess and there was chocolate all over us. Good thing we had aprons. We popped them into the oven and we have to wait for a hour to put the sauce on and eat them up. Dad looked at me and said “today is Friday you know what that means right?” “Oh yah” I said back. Today was our favorite show that we share together it’s called Adventures Around the World and today is the finale. I am so excited right now my glasses are fogging up. In the middle of the show right at a good part the timer goes off for the brownies. We drizzled the sauce on top and brought the brownies into the room just in time for the good part. I was almost drooling looking at our masterpiece of brownies. I have all of my favorite things together, chocolate, my dad, and Adventures Around The World. I looked at the clock and I remembered the spelling bee tomorrow. I told dad we will have to save it for tomorrow it can be a victory show.
“Why’s it a victory?” He asked.
“I’m going to win the spelling bee, what else would it be?”
“You’ll knock them down one by one tomorrow, good night.”
“Good night.” I said back.
I walked into my room and found Rascal in my bed. Rascal is my cute, new dog. I got him three weeks ago and he was a present from my dad for me since I won the science fair. He stays at my Dad’s house though and my dad pretty much takes care of him so he’s practically my Dad’s dog. Rascal is white with black spots on him. He’s not going to grow that much and he’s going to be a small dog. He has big black spots around his eyes which make his eyes disappear when you look at him. I squeezed in next to Rascal and we fell asleep together.

The next morning I woke up wide awake. I slept for what seemed like a year. Rascal wasn’t there anymore when I woke up. I got my clothes ready for the spelling bee. I’ve worn the outfit a ton of times before at science fairs and chess matches. I took a long shower and when I got out my dad was awake. I changed into my clothes and dried my hair with a blow dryer. My Dad suggested for him to curl my hair. I looked at him puzzled and asked “you know how to curl hair?”
“Of course I do I grew up in a family of all girls.”
“Ok I guess.” I said nervously.
He grabbed the curler and started. I wanted to close my eyes but I couldn’t I needed to see what was about to happen. The first couple curls looked good and then he went to the back and I couldn’t see what he was doing so I got extra nervous. Then he went to the other side and they were still good so I expected the back to be good. He finished and it actually was very good.
He looked at me and said “Don’t tell anybody I can curl hair, I don’t want it to ruin my reputation.”
I looked at him and started to laugh and snort. I was ready to spell. The car ride here dad was giving me some of the flashcards I made. I nailed all of them; I have a good feeling about this spelling bee. Last year I got second place to some kid in the best school in Maine so I wasn’t surprised. His name is James, this year I heard he will be back. We pulled up to the school. I slammed the door and ran inside the school so excited and nervous. I pulled open the front door and walked in forgetting about my dad. I checked in and put my nametag on and my dad walked in once I was done. I went in a hall and told my Dad we had to be in the auditorium by 12:30 p.m.. We started practicing and I looked at my arms. They were covered in goose bumps. I started to bite my nails since that’s what I do when I’m nervous.
“Hey, Dad are Mom and Dave coming?” Dave is my stepdad I don’t call him dad though just Dave.
“I’m not sure I really hope so though.” He said.
It was 12:25 p.m. and we rushed to the auditorium. I got my number and sat down looking at how many kids there were. The judges looked extra evil this year but I’m ready for anything. We started off with really easy words like jealous and aisle but nobody got out. It was the second round where I started hearing the first buzzes. Then the third round came and it was buzz after buzz. I looked around three people left me, a new girl that wasn’t here last year and James. It was round for and James was up first. He got it right and then it was the new girl. It was a easy word for me but she got it wrong. They called my number, I stepped forward. “Echidna.” The judges said. That was easy I knew it but no words were coming out of my mouth. I had to think about it for a while. “E-C-H-I-D-N-I- stuttered a little but an A came out, Echidna.” It’s down to round six just me and James the same as last year. James was up first. The word was heterogeneous. I knew e knew it nut he was frozen on stage. I can’t believe he actually choked on stage. The judges looked at him the clock was going down for the time he had to answer it. BUZZ that was the best sound I’ve ever heard. James was out, but now I have to spell the word right. I walked forward in front of the podium. He judges gave me my word, “odoriferousness.” That’s a synonym for smelly just like smelly melly. “O-D-O-R-I-F-E-R-O-U-S-N-E-S-S, odoriferousness” I said confidently. No buzz afterwards just the crowd cheering and James crying. I think it’s funny how the word that made me win means smelly, just like me Smelly Melly.

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