A place that matters to me is Traverse City. Me and my family went there over the summer. We had a hotel room with a beach view. I went to the balcony and felt the sandy, beach air calling me to the beach. I could hear the waves crashing, I just wanted to run on the shore. I looked around and saw a sign in big, bold letters that said para-sailing. I ran over to my dad and begged to go. We went down to the beach and my dad started to talk to the para-sailing guy. The next day my dad signed us up for para-sailing at 6:00. I could not wait to go and I could not stop thinking about it all day.

I kept on watching the para-sailing boat on the water. I kept thinking that is going to be me up there. When it was time to go me and my sister, Ava my brother, Carson and my dad headed down to the dock. We started walking down the dock and the people that went earlier were saying "That was so fun!" It made me super excited but my nerves were starting to creep up on me. My dad dropped us of on the boat. He waved goodbye as we went off to go para-sailing for my first time.

We were third in line to go up. There were five groups total. When the first group went out there I saw how far and high we actually go. It made me more nervous than ever. After the second group had gone the guy put on our life jackets. He strapped us on a bar connecting to the parachute which was a happy smiley face. He told us to sit down and we started moving up. I was in the air and it felt like was flying. We finally got to as far as we could and the rope disappeared to nothing.

We started to take videos and pictures while e were up there with our waterproof camera. Then we started spiting into the water and seeing how long it took to splat in the water but the ind would blow it somewhere and we would loose it. The water a very pretty blue, almost as pretty as a princess. We started dropping done into the water for the dip. The water got closer and closer as the chill hit my body. It went up to our legs. The guy on the boat told me to be careful because I had purple nail polish and fish love the color purple so they might nibble on my toes. That's all I could think about hoping there was no fish in the lake even though I new he was just joking.

The parachute got closer and closer to the boat and I just wanted to go back out there and do it all again. When I touched the boat with my feet I forgot how to stand up right because I was floating in the air for so long. At least it felt long but it was only twelve minutes long. It was the longest twelve minutes ever for me. When the other two groups went and we got back to shore my dad was waiting for us. He told us he saw us from here with his binoculars. At the end of our vacation I knew that para-sailing was the best part of this vacation.

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