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Watson's Go to Birmingham Summary

The Watson's go to Birmingham 1963 by Christopher Paul Curtis was inspired by the bombing of the church in 1963. It is about Kenny and his family, Byron his older brother, Joetta his younger sister and his parents Wilona and Daniel. Byron is such a trouble maker in every way. Momma and Dad can not handle him anymore. They go to Alabama on a trip but are planing to keep Byron there so he can live with Grandma Sands. After a couple days Joetta goes to Sunday school at a nearby church. Kenny hears a scream from Mama, it was a call from Joetta's church that just got bombed. They rush over and look for Joey, and they are very scared that she's dead. Kenny was so sad he goes back to the house and finds Joey there safe and alive. He rushes back to the church to go and tell everyone Joey is safe. Once all safe they move back to Flint, Michigan. Kenny is devastated and in shock. Byron helps Kenny by making him feel better and tells him everything is okay. Byron has defiantly changed through the book and become a stronger character.

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