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The bloody face By: Ava Shaw
Oh my gosh I have to get out right now! Ok I have to tell you how this all happened first.
It all happened when went on vacation to Disney Land we got to the hotel the hotel was in Disney land. I ran in say “I call the
Bottom bunk” because I was afraid or Heights I put my suit case on the bunk bed. When we got all stilled in I got my
Swimming stuff and I ran in the bathroom after I got it on I heard my dad saying let’s go to the water park! I said ok! When we
Got there I went to this really tall water slid it was amazing I said to my dad. It was my turn to go I went I was so scared I
Screamed so loud I was happy it was the end. Then I went to the wave pool with my mom we wear having so much fun but
The I heard a whistle “get out of the pool the life guard said me and my mom ran I looked over shoulder there was a guy that
Had a bloody face it was so gross to see that. We did not know what happened to his face but we just take a break. Then I
And my mom saw the ambulance coming to get him I tried to get to a better look at him but I didn't. Then we
Saw my brother
And my dad and then we just ate but it was still disgusting.

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