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Honey Bee Facts:

Bees collect 66 lbs of pollen per year, per hive. Pollen is the male germ cells produced by all flowering plants for fertilization and plant embryo formation. The Honeybee uses pollen as a food. Pollen is one of the richest and purest natural foods, consisting of up to 35% protein, 10% sugars, carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins A.

Honey is used by the bees for food all year round. There are many types, colors and flavors of honey, depending upon its how it is used and its nectar source. The bees make honey from the nectar they collect from flowering trees and plants For Example, Honey bees always pollinate flowers. Honey is a pure food.

Beeswax is used by the honeybee to build honey comb. It is used by humans in artists' materials, furniture polish and some sorts of candles.

Collected by honeybees from trees, Propolis is mixed with wax to make a sticky glue. The bees use this to seal cracks and repair their hive. It is used by humans as a health aid, and if there are not colored spots on fine wood you can fix them up.

Royal Jellly
Royal Jelly is the milky substance that turns an regular bee into a Queen Bee. It is made of pollen and honey or nectar mixed with a chemical. It makes regular prices lift higher. It is loaded with all of the B vitamins.

Bee VenomThe "ouch" part of the honeybee. Although sharp pain and some swelling and itching are natural reactions to a honeybee sting, a small percentage of individuals are highly allergic to bee venom. "Bee venom therapy" is widely practiced overseas and by some in the USA to address health problems such as arthritis, neuralgia, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and even MS.

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