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There are about 20,000 know species of bees, and 44 subspecies

How to check on the Big Hive
What we do first is smoke the bees with pine needles that we lit on fire in a contrainer to start a smoke. Then once the bees are calm enough so that we can take the lid off.once lid is off we look at the hive and the bees to check for any diesase or problem that could be accuring in the hive.If any of the bee keeper think that we have found a problem, we take a look at the wiki we have made of some diesase and identify what we think the diesase might be. After we think we have found what the diesase is we find a cure( also on the wiki page.) snd research how to fix it. next we come back to the hive and get rid of the problem that was there.
Bees ( honey bees) become inactive at 45 degrees. death comes after they cannot convert their honey to heat their bodies. They create heat by shivering their flight muscles

Medicinal Values Of Honey

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