Desert Climate Research:

Final Presentation

Precipitation totals: 10 Inches per year, with winter being the rainy season.

Humidity: In the day 20% At night, can drop to 100% leaving dew on rocks and plants.

Sunlight totals: In the summer, we have about 12 hours of sunlight, 12 hours of darkness. In winter, sun totals are slightly shorter, but not too much due to being close to the equator.

Temperatures: In the daylight sun, temperatures can rise to 100+ degrees, but can drop to 39 degrees at night.

Wind Speeds: Will vary depending on each desert, but can be stronger than usual becuase there is little vegetation to slow the wind.

Spring/Summer: In spring and summer, the desert gets very little rain, and can have cloudless skies.

Fall/Winter: Temperatures will drop slightly, and the rainy season begins.

Adaptions: Plants like cacti store water in their stem. Other plants have few leaves or large root systems.

Animal Adaptions: Causes animals to self-cool themselves.

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