Ben's Small Moment:

My eyes slowly opened and the first thing I saw was my little cousin above me, about to land on my stomach. It didn't hurt. It was just annoying. Before I could yell at Owen, he did it again and started laughing like a madman. In a tired voice I said "Owen, stop."
"But it's morning. You have to get up" he replied. I looked over at the clock, 6:45 on a Saturday morning. I wanted to go back to sleep, but it was hopeless. Owen would keep jumping on me until I got up. I unzipped my sleeping bag, stood up on the bed, and walked up the stairs. I sat down on the brown recliner and turned on the television. Owen's little head soon appeared in the doorway of the basement. Once he saw me, he ran towards me. Then he grabbed the remote. "I want to watch Dora" He said.
"Owen, I was here first, and I don't want to watch the Dora marathon."
Owen screamed "I'm watching Dora!" and with that he threw the remote on the ground. Owen pushed the little channel buttons on the TV until he found Nick Jr. I changed it back to what I was watching. He screamed even louder and changed it back to Dora. This continued for a few minutes until I got too annoyed and mad to continue. So, I walked into the kitchen and turned on the TV. Of course, Owen followed me into the kitchen and changed it to Dora. There were no other TVs in the house, and Owen wouldn't leave me alone. The only way to escape the annoying clutches of Owen was to go to the middle of the lake.
I pushed open the door and ran down the old cement stairs to the dock. I checked to make sure that there was a lifejacket in the boat and put the plug in the back. I cranked down the hoist and once the boat was floating, I started the motor. I switched the motor to reverse and headed out. Once I was far enough out, I switched back to going forward. I turned the tiller and went full speed (which isn't very fast).
I decided to go into Long Lake through the channel. I looked around the lake and saw that I was the only boat in the lake. My thoughts were interrupted by my feet getting wet. I looked behind me to see water coming through the plug. "This happens way too much" I thought to myself. I grabbed the red solo cup from the bench in front of me and started to bail the water out. I was about half way done when the motor started to slow down and sputter a few times before dying. I looked towards the channel, and then to our cottage. I was right between the channel and my cottage. I glanced into the water and saw that I wouldn't be able to touch the bottom.
I screamed for my dad to come and help me, but I didn't think that he heard me. I put on my life jacket, tied a rope around my waist and tied the other side to the boat. I touched my toes to the water, it was ice cold, but what other option did I have? I couldn't just sit there all day bobbing up in down. I stepped onto the front of the boat and jumped off the front. The rope yanked me back and knocked the wind out of me. I decided that I would swim back to my cottage with the boat tied to my back. It wasn't easy, I only moved a few feet a minute. At this rate, it would take hours for me to get home. I just kept swimming though. I knew that if I thought about it too much, I wouldn't be able to make it home.
I was out of breath, so I stopped to take a break. I looked back to see my progress, 50 feet, tops. "I need a new plan" I thought. I decided to get back into the boat and wait. There was just one problem though: I couldn't get back in the boat. I tried from the front, the back, and the sides, but I just couldn't get in. Luckily, I got the idea to use the rope tethering me to the boat to climb up. My hands slipped a bit, but I got up pretty quickly. I was soaking wet, had no towel, and the spring breeze made everything worse. I thought that I would be there all day, when I heard the sound of an air horn. I looked up to see my dad in the pontoon boat.
"Out of gas?" He said.
"Ya, it has a really small tank." I replied.
"OK. Take the anchor rope and tie it to the cleat on the back of the boat." My dad turned off the motor "I will tow you in."

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