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I am describing the diseases about the honey bees, but talking about the birds and how they damage the hive.

  • Describe the pest/disease/problem.
Pest/disease/problem is that the birds destroy the honey bees hive, eat honey comb and eat bee larva. The honey bees do not have a home after the birds attack, so we need to stop this problem.
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  • What is the cause?
The cause is birds drill holes into the hives and wreck the home of the honey bees.
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  • What are the symptoms?
The symptoms are: There are holes in the wood, the paint is chipped and the hive is completely wrecked.

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  • What damage will occur to the hive? (What should we look for?)
We should look for holes in the hives because wood peckers could make holes in the bee hives, or other birds could eat some of the honey or the honey comb. Also other birds can make dents in the honey bee hive.

What can we do to control / fix this problem?
We can make the hive out of something that isn't wood, or very strong wood so the wood peckers wouldn't get in it. Make sure the cover on the hive is very tight, so the birds cannot get in and steal the honey the honey combs. We can solve the problem by using wire or a cage around our hives so the woodpeckers cannot get in.

  • What can be done to prevent this problem from occurring?
Tightly seal the top cover. Put wire or chicken wire half or a foot away from the hive, so the woodpeckers cannot get to the wood. Use strong wood for the bee hive.
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In this picture, you can barely see the chicken wire around the bee hive.
The four birds that will affect the hive are:
  • Martins
  • Swallows
  • Wood peckers
  • Sparrows.

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