Blaise's Narratives:


“You’ve been arrested for kidnapping two men, the
Slovakian here, and me – Daniel Neal of the FBI S.S.O., Secret Spy Organization.
Now let’s fly this baby to HQ, shall we?” -- Daniel Neal

Books in the Daniel Neal Collection:

Book 1: The Secret Files

When Daniel’s lost father is reported found, Daniel eagerly sets off to find him. But first, he’ll have to go through Russians, ninja’s, Germans, oceans, crashing planes, and more. Will Daniel find his Dad?

Book 2: The Secret Bomb

Daniel’s history haunts him once more. An old ally has turned to evil, and his son is on board with him. They own an army, and a bomb. Not just any bomb. A new bomb. One that can destroy half of America, while leaving the other to terrorist’s control. Will Daniel’s home be destroyed, or will the fire rise?

Book 3: The Secret Country

A secret underground country by the name of D-3 plans to realease every villain in jails across the planet. This outnumbers the S.S.O. by almost 4 billion people. Some of these villians include previous masterminds from Daniel’s history, like Aremana and others. They plan to terrorize and destroy the human civilization so they can rule. Will Daniel save Earth? Or will it become ashes.

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