Small Moment: The Baseball Game

"Oh my gosh,thank you Uncle Bob!" I ended the phone call. My Uncle had just told me he's going to take me to a Tigers vs Yankees game in about a month. We had almost front row seats behind first base. I was so fired up for the game.

  • * *

The day came when my Uncle came to my house to pick me up. I had my Verlander shirt and my mitt ready to catch a ball at the Yankee dugout. After quite a long drive , we arrived at Comerica Park, home of the Tigers. We went to our seats (row 15 section 239) and sat down with some nice ol' pizza. The stadium was huge, blue and orange colors everywhere, there logo everywhere, and the Yankee dugout waiting for me. The first pitch by the Yankee pitcher came. After the first inning, the Tigers scored in a run.

About two innings later, my favorite player, Miguel Cabrera, blasted a homer into the stands making everybody wildly mad. The game went back and forth, the Yankees would lead, then the Tigers would, and went on like that. Every half-inning, the Yankees would come off the field and head towards the dugout with a ball. Some really nice guys sitting next to us let me pass by them, head to the dugout, and ask for a ball. Every time the Yankee with the ball never even looked at me. But in the half of the seventh, future Hall of Famer Ichiro Suzuki looked at me. I was so excited that he even looked at me. He looked around for people to throw the ball to, than went back to me and threw me the ball.

Out of excitement, I didn't catch the ball. But an angry kid mob surrounded me hungry for that ball. I dive headfirst into the mob, find the ball in the bowls of the stinky feet, and grab that ball with my dear life!I quickly hold the ball up to show my Uncle and friends that I got my first ball. Everybody was so happy.

Later in the ninth inning, the game went to the next level. The Yankees where ready to score, but the Tigers said "NO!" Prince Fielder made the game winning pop-up catch to end this game. The stadium went crazy with excitement, so was me. This was the best day of my summer.

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