What was your favorite activity & why?
I have a tie of four for my favorite activity. 1) Rock Climbing. I set a goal to reach ¾ on the medium wall. Once I made the first step, I had butterflies in my stomach. Once I achieved my goal at ¾, it started to get difficult. Real difficult. The rocks you climb on where smaller, and greasier. Eventually I heard people cheering me on, and I got to the top and rang the bell. 2) Archery. Archery was real fun. I aimed at my target, got focused, and made the shot, and like a screeching halt, the arrow fell from midair. After a couple of tries, I eventually got the ring around the bull’s-eye.

3) Canoeing. First of all, I was partnered with one of my best friends Ross, so that right there was awesome. Second of all, we were the second fastest racer in the tribe, and so we had a good share of wins and loses. Ross and I found some cool animals in the lake like turtles and fish. 4) Gold Rush. Gold Rush was awesome because of a couple of things. A) It had mass appeal (200+ kids playing) and B) it was a combo of some of the many beloved sports in this universe, tag and football. Basically what you had to do is run across the enemy’s territory without being tagged, and get to your safe zone. Once you get there, grab a brick and run back. First team to collect all the bricks wins.

What was one challenge you faced & how did you overcome it?
Like I said the rock climbing wall was definitely a challenge, but another I faced was holding the tarantula. Tarantulas are big hairy spiders that creep the living daylights out of you. But after my friends held it, I had a go. It felt like a light sticky finger was running across you. Disgusting right?!
How well did your team work together?
We worked really well. In shelter building, the whole tribe did great, in fire building most of us got fires, canoeing had a lot of communication, etc. Overall I would say we were a strong tribe.
What does a good team look like?
First of all, a good team communicates, second of all a good team does not build on another down, they build up. And finally, a good team has fun. Or tries too. I know my team had lots of fun, even when we got lost. That was fun too!

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