• In what ways do you think you have grown as a math student so far this year?
I think I have grown in math many different ways. But manly, I think of grown when it comes to order of operations. I say that because before this unit, I justalways though you go left to right on hard math problems, but now I know that theres a certain order. Its things like that when I talk about my math growing. Something I thought is wrong, and I'm taught the right method. Simple as that!
  • What do you enjoy about math?
What I enjoy about math is how there is always an answer. My dad said that same exact sentence about a year ago. We both like math because there will always be an answer, and sometimes its not to hard to find it. I like how if you do 6x7, you know its 42. Not any other answer. With LA, there are always going to be multiple answers, that means more thinking. I like how with math, you can learn a concept, think the concept, know the concept. With other subjects, you might have to read a whole textbook to understand it.
  • What strategies do you use to overcome your challenges in math?
My strategies I use to overcome my challenges in math is toI always ask questions and for help. My sister, during her high school years, she asked so many questions her teachers got annoyed! So she told me that if I ask a lot of questions, I will know that concept. Another thing I do is ask for help. When I can't figure out a math problem, I circle it, run down the stairs, and ask my dad or mom for help. That's how I overcome challenging questions in math!
  • What are your goals in math for the rest of the year?
My goals in math for the rest of the year is to double check my work, better. I think how I'm double checking my work for math isn't really doing the job. I think I should basically do the problem AGAIN and get it right. It's faster to double check your work and get it all right, then double checking your work terribly so you have to do corrections.

Two sample digital math things:


Hey Mrs. Roberts! Here's my Unit 7 vocab:


What I learned this quarter was pie graphs. Before this quarter, I didn't really get them well. But know, I know how to turn the fractions into parts of the graph, I know how there put together, and I know what they mean. Before I didn't use pie graphs, but know I will use them a lot more. Thanks Chicago Math! I'm most proud of my learning.

Strategies that helped me this quarter were equalvilent fractions. Its handy I learned to know these so that math becomes easier. For example its better to konw that 2/4 can be reduced to 1/2. My goal for the next unit is to gain more IXL points. I would like to have more points so that on the reports sent home for IXL, its says all my things are satisfatory. I will achieve them by double-checking answers I put in and taking my time instead of rushing, unless I'm trying to go fast.

Hey Mrs.Roberts, here's my Unit 3 vocab: (by the way I got behind on my IXL last week, so I did it this week. Make sure when putting in the dates on the usage log to put in this week's date ( Nov. 11-19th))

Friday October 5th

I feel really happy with my results. I got a great score.
List at least 3 that can we prepare for an end of Unit test every day.

  • IXL trouble spots
  • have parents check over answers
  • do your homework and tune in in class

List at least three ways that you can study for a test in the days just before it.

  • IXL trouble spots
  • double check review, than have a parent check it
  • re-read your unit in your MJ and SL

List at list 2 test taking strategies that can be helpful to your success on a test.

  • triple-check your answers to make sure you followed directions
  • don't be afraid to ask for help

What are you going to do during Unit 2 to ensure that you are more successful on your Unit 2 test?

Well condesedering that I did great on the test, I am just going to do what I did before. Ask for help, and take your time on the review.

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