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Social Studies:
  • How do you feel about your social studies experience this year?
I feel that my Social Studies experience this year, on the most part, has been pretty fun. I liked the election (a lot) and working together in a class that’s meant to be social is also great. I feel like my social studies grades has been a tad bit rocky, but about 9/10 times my grades are worthy of a thumbs up. Social Studies in my opinion has been pretty hard. When test come up, I’ve spent up to three hours studying for them. But that’s another reasons why my grades are a thumbs up. Because I study.
  • What is the most important thing that you have learned in social studies this year?
The most import thing I have learned in social studies is a hard question. But I think, when it comes down to it, everything really. The election taught me leadership skills, Mesopotamia taught the basics of starting a good civilization, Egypt taught us about the difference between friends and enemies (Kush), and Judaism and Christianity are teaching us what most people believe in. Really, everything. If I did have to get rid of some non-important things though, I would pick Mesopotamia and Egypt. Don’t get me wrong, there both important, it’s just does learning how to build a country and learning about how to handle them really come to us in our lives? I guess if you the president it does, but frankly, I’m not the president. Back to the question, really all of them are.
  • What has been your favorite activity in social studies this year?
My favorite ativity in social studies this year is no-doubt the election. This is more of opinionated question because others may beg to differ. I loved the election because in the beginning, I was just happy to be a candidate. Later, I had an eye for winning. But really, I had no confidence in myself that I would win. But I tried anyway. I made everything to the best of my ability, and tried hard. We made “Vote for Blaise!” cookies, to making two professional websites. When the time came down to it, after debates and speeches, the kids got to vote. Since I was President, my VP and I had to face two other teams. When I won, I was so happy. I felt amazing! You really never feel that feeling with any other subject. So the election. That’s my answer.
  • What is your overall individual goal for this class?
My overall individual goal for this class? Let me answer that like this. Do you remember when I said social studies were a little rocky in the beginning? My goal is to never again have rocky grades for the rest of the year. So far, since about November I think, I have not had a grade below a B-. That’s pretty good considering I have been doing that for 4 months straight now! All I have to do is keep it up! Thats not easy because social studies is a rather hard subject for me. But I will plow through it and study more so I ace everything!

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