Camp Michindoh

What was your favorite activity & why?

My favorite activity was either Repitles and Amphibians or Low Challenge Course. I like Reptiles and Amphibians because I got to interact with the animals. My favorite animal was the Salmander because the facts about Salmanders are so interesting. Their skin feels so slimy but it feels so good on your hand and their back looks so cool with the orange and green dots. I liked the Low Challenge Course because it was all about team building. We did two activities, the swing and land on the platform challenge and the the don't touch the lava challenge. My favorite challenge was the swing and land on platform one because if you did not jump far enough your teammates would grab you.

What was one challenge you faced & how did you overcome it?

One of the challenges I faced was when I was scared to touch the Tarantula. Everybody in my group encouraged me to touch it and I ended up with it walking across my hands. I was scared and my friends helped me to get over it. If my friends didn't encourage me, I would not have had a chance to have a Tarantula walk on my hands.

How well did your team work together?

My team worked really well together in the Low Challenge Course when we did: don't touch the lava. We had two boards and we had to try and get across to a platform ten feet away. There was another platform in the middle of the ten feet. To get across it took about fifteen times. On about the seventh time, Nick suggested a great idea. We tried his idea once and it failed so we move on to the next idea. On the 13th try, the Counselor told us that Nick's idea was great so we tried it again and we almost finished but a board slipped and we had to restart. The next time we made it across.

What does a good team look like?

A good team encourages others instead of making them feel stupid. A good team listens to everyone's ideas and tries all of them and keeps trying them until they get it right. A good team trusts the other members of the team.

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