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How do you feel about your Unit 1 test results?
I feel good about my test because I studied extra for the last two nights and I got a good score.
List at least 3 that can we prepare for an end of Unit test every day?
I read over my study links and write down the stuff that was hard. I also ask for help from my grandpa.
List at least three ways that you can study for a test in the days just before it.
I read over my study links and write down the stuff that was hard. I also ask for help from my grandpa for help. I also do my study links.
I think of what I did over this unit. I also sing a song in my head.
What are you going to do during Unit 2 to ensure that you are more successful on your Unit 2 test?
Do more IXL and listen more in class.

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What ways do you think you have grown as a math student so far this year?

I think I have Grown by mostly listening better and working hard in class. Also, I have started asking questions if I didn't no what they are. Well, that means is In 4th grade and under I used to be embarrassed to raise my hand if I was stuck. I got out of embarrassment chamber and soared into the math land.
What do you enjoy about math?
I enjoy having my teacher Mrs. Roberts to help me. I enjoy that this year in math class that we do more partner stuff then last year. I also in enjoy
Knowing that when I work hard, that it helps you back.

What strategies do you use to overcome your challenges in math?

Well, l started asking for help from my teachers. I had to overcome not admitting that l didnt understand something. One more thing I had to overcome was l had to was l had to overcome working with people l dont like.

What are your goals in math for the rest of the year?

I am going to work hard to keep my grades good. I am going to ask Mrs. Roberts for help when l need it. I am going to work harder in class so l have less homework.

What are you most proud of in math in quarter 2-why?
  • What am I the most of in math? Well, it would probably be asking you or someone next to me for help if i didn't understand something.

What strategies have you started using in quarter 2 that have helped you become a better mathematician?
  • Listening more and trying harder

What are your math goals for quarter 3? How are you going to achieve them?
  • To continue some of the same goals as quarter 2 and to make sure I don't wait until the last minute to complete the homework

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