All teams must post their wiki page to this site.
Each page must include:
  • Team Name
  • Team Logo
  • Team Slogan
  • Job descriptions and who is in charge of each job and why is this a fit position for each team member (See below for jobs)
  • Team photo

Job descriptions
  • Project Engineer - Responsible for helping members understand the team's task, leading team discussions, checking for safety at all times, and checking whether the team's task is complete.
  • Facilities Engineer - Responsible for collecting materials, directing model construction, directing cleanup, and storing materials.
  • Test Engineer - Responsible for recording and organizing data in the Team Design Log.

Go Blue Toy Co Hadin, Cole H, Drew

Toys Today (Audrey, Katherine, Charisse)

Joyworks (Nina, Susan, Rliey)

Toy Town (Paul, Michael, Josh)

Gravity Toys Inc. (Jon G. and Philip W.)

Defying Gravity Toys (Cole R., Trevor, and Nick H.)

Dinkleberg Toy Co. (Nick N, Henry D)

Kids Of Empowered (Shannon, Claire, and Ashley)

The Toy Barrel (Nikki, Claudia and Carina)

Blue Wonders Toy Co. ( Katie and Teri)

Rowe Gravity Cruiser (Joanne & Tammy)

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