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By Cameron H

Red Guards

The Red Guards had a very negative impact on China during the Cultural Revolution. Imagine if people came up to you and beat you because you were an influence. Imagine if people came up to you and publicly humiliated you because you were a teacher. Imagine if your shows were ripped off and cut to pieces. Imagine if people checked to see how wide your pant leg was and if it was not wide enough then they would cut your pant legs open. The Chinese Red Guards were people who did all of these things to everyday people. The Red Guards were very powerful during China’s revolution.

The Red Guards were started by a group of students that had sworn their loyalty to Mao Zedong. These students started calling themselves Red Guards when they had to make a poster that criticizes their school. The poster had said that the school had been keeping “intellectual elitism” and “bourgeois” ways. The Red Guards wrote the poster on May 25 and June 2 of 1966. During this time the Red Guards were called “counter-revolutionaries” and "radicals" by the school and other students. The Red Guards were forced to meet at a place called Old Summer Place.

Mao Zedong supported the Red Guards. He had them broadcasted on national radio and in the People Daily. After the broadcast more groups of Red Guards popped up everywhere. Rival Red Guards led by sons and daughters of cadres were formed by these work teams to deflect attacks away from those in positions of power towards bourgeois elements in society, mainly intellectuals. Also these rebel groups attacked kids with a “bad” class status. Mao was concerned that these work teams were affecting the course of the Cultural Revolution. He made Chen Boda, Jiang Qing, and Kang Sheng join the battle groups of the Red Guards to help them with what they did.

The Red Guards did terrible things to people. One thing that they did to people was rip off the shoes of, the people who they thought had clothes on that were four olds, and cut open their pants. Four olds are old traditions.During the Cultural Revolution people’s houses were searched and ransacked. The Red Guards would search for anything that was four olds. When they found four olds they confiscated them. Sometimes, the Red Guards would beat or even publically execute people. They also tore down signs form stores and statues on religious places. The Red Guards did very bad things to people. The reason they did this is because they want China to keep moving forward to new China. They would murder people because of their status and because they had a negative impact on New China.

The Red Guards had a very negative impact on China during the Cultural Revolution. The Red Guards publicly humiliated and harmed people. They also destroyed statues of religious places. The Red Guards executed people as well. The Red Guards did this because they wanted China to move from Old Traditions to a better and newer China. The Red Guards in China had a very negative impact on China during the Cultural Revolution.

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