Diamond Thief
By Cameron Howell
Part One
I have always been in the back of everything, gym class, math class etc. I never was one to get up on stage and sing and dance. I was the one at the back of the class trying not to get noticed. But at my house that’s a different story.
I am the youngest of twenty other siblings. Most of my siblings are performers. About half are singers and eight are actors. I think that that is very funny because I was never one of those. I know that I am missing two siblings. One is me and the other is Jay. Jay and I are just there in our family. Nobody knows this but me; I am a famous Diamond thief. Everyone in my family knows that Jay is world famous swimmer.
Jay and I are best friends. Even though were the only ones that are “normal”. Jay is thirteen and I’m twelve. Of course he is always trying to inspire me and today is one of those days
“Come on Jack, you got to start believing in yourself. Don’t let those bullies come and push you around.” Jay was giving me the big pep talk of the day. “You shouldn’t let them get the best of you.” “Hey boys” our dad said coming into our spotless room. “Have you heard of the new thief that keeps stealing all those priceless diamonds?” “Nope, never heard of it” I said. “Nor have I” Jack said his eye brows going down for just a second. “Well now you know. Be careful about that. Bye” our dad said leaving the room smiling at us with his million dollar smile. “Well I have to go to my swim practice for the big meet, bye.” “See you,” I said.
As soon as he left the room I ran in to my closet. It was like any 12 year Old’s closet, messy and nice at the same time. Jack Will I said out load. Suddenly the floor beneath me slid out from my feet. Seconds later spikes shot out from the wall. Way too easy I thought. I put my body into a pencil and shot down going faster. Each one of the spikes missed me by inches. Lasers appeared from nowhere. Again I went into the shape of a pencil but this time I had to move my body to avoid the lasers. I saw the floor. I knew that if I fell to the floor at my speed I would be smashed. My legs spread apart into the splits and stop me from going anywhere. Then I dropped to the floor. I looked at my surroundings. It was dark as night. Of course I knew where everything was. I hit a button on the wall. Bam and the rooms were light up with florescent lights. I walked over to a blue and black desk with a huge monitor front of it. A carry around key board was on the desk. Otherwise it was empty. I walked up to the desk and grabbed the key board. Where is the closest diamond in a museum I typed? “Searching, searching” the monitor said. “Found”. I looked closely at the screen. The nearest one was just a block from my school. “Easy, I said, too easy.” I walked away from the desk and went to a little viewing table. If you were a random person you would have thought it was just a table with an I-phone on it. What you wouldn’t know is that it holds all two hundred diamonds and jewels that I had took. But I didn’t want to see them right now, so I decided to just bring my I-phone with me to school instead of a diamond. My backpack was by the door up to the garage. On my way up I was saying to myself. Even diamond thieves have to go to school.
Part Two
On my way to school I saw a big blue truck. At first I just ignored it. But when it started following me I started to wonder why it was there. When I was near my school I decided to get them off my tail and instead of going into my school I just went into an ally near the school. I slipped into the shadows. That is something I have been able to do for a long, long time. I then just turned around to see if it was still following me. Sure enough they were. I slipped even more into the shadows. They wandered into the ally and pulled something out of the blue and black vest that they wore. When I saw what it was I was so surprised that I almost gave myself away, almost. The big burly men had brought out dark sleek pistols. One reason I was surprised was that they had brought out the guns. I mean didn’t they think that they could have just use their sheer force to subdue me. Well now that I think about it I am an expert in all the arts of fighting so I guess that was a wise choice. But how would they know that. I knew that I probably shouldn’t intervene with them so I ran to the school in the thick dark shadows.
The school day went by quickly and for some reason the big burly bullies weren’t there. Where are they I kept thinking each time I passed a corner in the hall waiting for them to jump out at me and beat me until I was so weak that I could barely make it home. But they never showed up so I went on with the day. Best school day in my life. Bringg! The bell went off like a sleeping alarm. The day was over and it was time for me to try and get the diamond. It was time to get my steal on.
Part 3
As soon as I got home I went straight down to my little lair. I took an easier way down to avoid going into my room. When I got to the lair I looked around. Everything looked in place but I had a little tingling feeling on the back of my neck that some had been here. I can check that later. I strolled over to a closed orange closet. I put my hand against it. The door pulsed blue then opened. In the closet there was a black sweat shirt, black gloves in a sealed plastic baggy. There also was a pair of dark blue shoes, some dark green sunglasses, and a reflecting coat. Last there was a pair of dark blue jeans. I slipped them on then headed to the museum holding the priceless diamond.
When I got there I saw that the building had tons of security and video cameras. “Ok not as easy, but I can manage.” I slipped though security easily but now the video cameras. I walked around the building a couple times surveying it. Finally I found a blind spot between two cameras and made my mark. I walked right between them and touched my glasses. The glasses got really hot and then sent a laser beam out of it. I made a circle then put my hands up to the wall and pushed. A tiny circle enough for me to fit though poped out into my hand. I then slipped in and put the circle back. I had a diamond to get.
I made it into the hallway that held the diamond. Way too easy I said to myself. I activated my shoes so I was hovering. My glasses could see so tons of laser beams. To the normal eye you could not see anything. There were billons of lazars if you could see them. It was so easy I just used my reflecting clothes. So I easily grabbed the diamond and put something there that was the mass and shape just in case. Then I ran out of the hall and to the hole to get out of there.
I arrived home and went into my lair and put the diamonds in the long table. Then thinking of Jays swim meet I left everything in my closet except my flying shoes. There was note in my bedroom that said, “Jack, we are at Jay’s swim meet, XO Mom and Dad.” I sighed. I guess that I was headed to his swim meet.
When I arrived I saw that the meet was not close to done. Good, I thought it is not finished. I found my Parents in the bleachers in disguise. I headed to them and sat down. “Is it Jays turn” I asked looking at the pool deck. “He is up next” they said. Then a shot rang out, and then another, then I fainted.
Part 4
I was in the locker room waiting for my turn to swim. “I hope jack is there” I kept murmuring to myself. Just then a shot rang out, then another. I ran out on to the pool deck. I looked for my parents. I spotted them collapsed together their shirts stained red. I saw Jack slumped over next to them as well. I rushed up to them. “Jack, Jack, speak to me” I said worry in my voice. “Get revenge” he said, “take my shoes and then you’ll know what to do, please”. Then he died. There in my arm. I knew what I was going to do for the rest of my life. That was to get revenge for Jack. I want revenge.

The End

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