Cameron H

Cameron H Small Moment

The air was cold and crisp, but the water looked warm and inviting. I walked up to the block waiting for the official to tell us to step up. Butterfly,backstroke,breaststroke,free I kept thinking.I was prepared to win the I.M. The official said "step up!" "Take your mark!" The feel of the rough block met my sweaty hands.The crowd was waiting, the other swimmers where waiting, I was waiting. Beep! The buzzer went off and in to the water we dove.

The water was cold and clear and as soon as I hit the water my goggles flew off. I was blinded! I knew I had to keep going. I would finish. I came up in butterfly with water swarming my eyes. Everything was blurry. Though my blurry vision I saw that a wall was coming closer and got prepared to go into backstroke. I hit the wall and went into backstroke. I heard the crowd cheering for me and everyone else. I saw though my blurry vision a flag and started to count. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. I stuck my hand out and hit the wall. I flipped onto my belly and did my pullout. I came up breathing and gasping for a breath. I went much faster though because breaststroke is my best stroke. I was at the wall in no time at all and was doing freestyle. My arms and legs where very tired but they kept going. I kicked as hard as I could and made it under two minutes. My coach came up too me and said "Good job Cameron" she said as I walked over to the medals.

I got my meadle and was headed back to my tent. My parents ran up to me. "Sorry that you goggles fell off Cameron.", My dad said with sympthy. "It's okay." "I did my best." I had done my best. I was happy about that.I was happy with my self even though I had got sixth. I had kept going and did not give up even when my goggles fell off. From the other heat, some kids where faster than me but still got other places. I knew that even though I did not do my best time, I tried my best. The day went along without anything elas bad happen.

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