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My R and E

My R and E
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This is an enquiry e-mail via http://www.loislowry.com/ from:
Dear Lois Lowry,
I have recently read your book the Giver. It was very good. I am doing a book report about it and I have some questions about it.
1. what place in time did you want to make this.
2. Where did tou get the idea for this book.
3. Do you take the pics for your own cover.
Thank you for your time.
R and E
Dear Cameron,
Thank you for writing. I am happy to know that you enjoyed SON.
SON completes THE GIVER quartet.
I am not sure that when I wrote THE GIVER I intended to make it a quartet, but the story kept nagging at me, as did many of my readers, so the more I thought about it, it seemed I needed to continue the story to its conclusion.
The loss of my son informs everything I do. Someday when you have children of your won you will understand that.
Keep reading, Lois Lowry
On Tue, Jan 29, 2013 at 4:12 PM, Cameron <[[mailto:cbh1@birmingham.k12.mi.us>wrote:|cbh1@birmingham.k12.mi.us>]]wrote:
Dear Lois Lowry,
  • I have just read your book "son". I think that it is a great book. I have a few questions about your book. Is the son your last book in this series or are you making more for the series? When writing about claire, did you ever put your own feelings in your writing about loss of a son? Did you try to make Gabe relate to anyone that you? Did you plan to make all of your books connect like this? Thank you for your time. From, Cameron

Dear Marianne Malone,
Hello my name is Cameron H and I am a 6 grade student from BCS and I have just read your book The Sixty-Eight rooms. I thought that it was amazing.
I have a few questions for you though. Why did you choose the 68 rooms to do a book on? Do you live near the 68 rooms? Are you making another book after this? Will it be about another Art Institute? Thank you for your time.
Cameron H

Lord of the Flies By the Camerons

R and E that is the last one!!
Dear J.K. Rowling,
My name is Cameron H and I have recently read your book Harry Potter and The Deathly Hollows. I thought that it was a great book. I have a few questions for you.
  1. How did you come up with the idea for Harry Potter?
  2. Did you think that you would end up writing 7 books in the entire series of Harry Potter?
  3. Are you coming out with any other books?
  4. Are the books in the books that you wrote such as “Magical creatures and where to find them” coming out as real books?
Thank you for your time.
Cameron H.

  • List and explain three ways that you have improved your writing from the beginning of the year to now.
I have improved my writing by writing short stories. I have learned how to describe things in my writing. I have also learned how to make essays and what is a good essay and what is a bad essay. I also have made summerys to explain books. I have also made sentances during spelling and still improved my writing.
  • How has your reading improved this year? Explain.
My reading has improved because I have been reading more. I have also improved because I understand what I read and comprehend it. I also look for books that I have not read. I am also learning about metaphors and other ways to understand reading. I have also learned about what my reading level is and have acclerated in my reading.
  • How do you feel about your language arts experience overall this year?
I feel that my language arts experience is good because it has been fun. We have written stories and that has been nice. We also have had spelling and that has been pretty good so far. Also Mrs.Fitz has recommended books to me that I have read and the books were very good. We also have read good books in class that are very good.

  • What is your overall individual goal for this class?
My overall goal is to do well in spelling and I will try very hard. I will do this by studing spelling every night. I will also look at them and try to get futher in my spelling by moving up letters. Another goal is to improve my reading skills so I can read more books. I will do this by reading every night.

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