my vocab 6

In what ways do you think you have grown as a math student so far this year?
I have grown as a math student when I do IXL. I practice IXL on the things that I need to. I have also grown because I have been doing better on test.

What do you enjoy about math?
I enjoy in math finding areas of shapes. It is fun because you get to multiply and sometimes divide. I also find that pan balances are also fun.

What strategies do you use to overcome your challenges in math?
I overcome challenges by thinking of more than one way to solve them. Or I use IXL to understand the concept. Then I go back and solve.

What are your goals in math for the rest of the year?
My goal it to try and ace more mixed quizzes. I will do this by practicing IXL. Then I can come back and ace the mixed quizzes.

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