The Watsons Go To Birmingham 1963 by Christopher Paul Curtis
The Watsons go to Birmingham 1963 by Christopher Paul Curtis has many literary devises. The novel takes place in Flint, Michigan. The Watsons are family of five with two boys one (Kenny and Byron) and a mother and father and a little girl (Joetta). The Watsons tend to be a bit dysfunctional. The Watsons are vary interesting family with a lot of problems.

There is a lot of characters in the book that make it so interesting. The author makes the story have a lot of poor characters in Flint. There are a lot of flat characters in the book who are just there in the story who don't change anyone and are just there. Cody and Rufus are very interesting. Rufus is only a friend of Kenny and Cody is just his brother. The author just tells us that they are poor and have raggedy beat up cloths. There are very few dynamic characters in the book. The only two are Kenny and Byron. Kenny is dynamic because when he is depressed he make Byron finally act like a big brother and makes him a lot more nice instead of the worlds biggest jerk. The characters are interesting.

Symbolism is very interesting in this book. There are many symbols in the novel. When Byron was throwing cookies at the bird and the bird dies or the bad Byron dies or he changes that was unconventional. When Kenny sees the whool pooh he is near death or sees dead people or is about to die that is conventional. The author was good at symbolism even when you did not notice.

The settings were interesting in the novel. The author had a huge amount of settings for each chapter for being at Kenny's school to the terrible Destruction of the church at Birmingham. At the beginning of each chapter if the setting has changed Kenny would tell and continue. The setting is very important in the novel, setting can Change and make events happen in the story like the time Byron got his lips stuck to the car and became "The Lipless Wonder" . Had it not been so cold that would never had happened. Setting can really tell you a lot about characters. When byron kissed his reflection the author was saying he has a big ego. Setting is very important.

The Watsons go to Birmingham is a very detailed novel with very interesting characters. The watsons really change other people in the book just by being a disfucsinal family. Each member of the family is so different from one another which makes them so funny. They are really sensitive to others and their surroundings which makes them really funny to watch. The Watsons are really entertaining.

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