What have you found challenging about science this year?
I had a lot of trouble turning stuff in. I dont really like science, or any school at all, for that matter.

What have you done to overcome these challenges?
I got better at turning stuff in by make in a designated time and spot that I would do my homework.

What has been your favorite activity in science this year?
I really liked the water unit, and it was pretty cool to learn what percent of fresh water that the Great Lakes has.

What is your personal goal in science for the rest of the school year? Why?
For the rest of the year I want to turn all of my stuff in and actually do it. I also want to keep a 3.000 GPA or higher so that I can go rock climbing.

What science activity would you like to share with your parents and why?
I want my parents to drink two different kinds of water (salt, and fresh) and tell me why we can drink salt water and describe what it tastes like.

This years achievements include:
Gravity Cruiser

Newtons Laws of Motion

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