How do you feel about your Social Studies experience this year?
Social Studies isnt my favorite, but it easy, so there isnt much to worry about. I do kind of have trouble turning stuff in, but there arent many assignments, which is good. I dont really like the timing of the class though, because sometimes this class can be kind of chaotic, and at the end of the day I usually have a headache and I am hungry.

What is the most important thing that you have learned about World History this year?
I think that the most important thing that I learned about was the Seven Characteristics of a Civilization. I think that that is important because we do need all of those things to be civilized, and it was interesting to look at the different kinds of things that the ancient Mesopatomians did differently from us.

What has been your favorite activity in social studies this year?

My favortie activity wass the election, even though I didnt win. I also like the activity that was like telephone, and we had to teach the message to the next person. It was also pretty cool because our group was the first one to ever get the full message properly.

What is your overall individual goal for this class?
My goal is to turn all of my stuff in and to uphold a 3.0000 GPA so that I can got rock climbing. I really like rock climbing.

I want my parents to convince me to vote for them, and the loser of the election has to pay for my book from the book fair

My accomplishments include:

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