The Watsons Go to Birmingham 1963

The Watsons Go To Birmingham 1963 By Christopher Paul Curtis. This book takes place in 1963 Flint,Michigan and Birmingham,Alabama. The family members are Mom, Dad, Byron, Kenny, and Joetta. Byron is 13 and he is a little mean . Then at the end of the story he becomes a lot nicer and grows up. Kenny is 10 and he has been nice through out the whole story. Joey (her nickname) is six and she tries to stand up for Kenny and Byron. The main conflict in this story is the wool pooh. The wool pooh was really Kenny's imagination and it wasn't real so that's how it got solved.

The setting mostly takes place in Michigan and then they move to Alabama to visit their Grandma. I learned that the bombing was in Alabama because the first part of the story it was really cold in Michigan and then it wasn't as cold. Also I can tell that the wool pooh was in Alabama because it was too cold in Michigan to go fishing outside and Kenny went into the water and the water was probably frozen in Michigan. I think the setting is important because the reader may think its cool where the main characters live. Also if the story takes place in a state/country there may be a festival there for that state and or country. The setting explains Kenny's friend Rufus's because he lives in a house with only three pairs of clothes and where he lives.

My favorite character in the book is Byron because at the beginning he's mean and then at the end of the story he helps Kenny with problems, becomes a lot nicer, and starts to grow up. I think the author reveals how the characters are by saying what their personality is and their age. For example the author describes Byron's personality by writing about the scene in the beginning of the book when he was beating up the kid. Then at the end of the book when he makes Kenny's breakfast for him and being a helpful brother.

The kind of characters this book has are nice. As I said Byron is mean at the beginning then he gets a lot nicer to Kenny. The author reveals the characters by revealing their true personalities. The author describes their looks by telling the readers that Byron got his head shaved and so now the reader knows Byron has no hair. Also you know they are black cause Joey got an angel that was white and it didn't look anything like her and she said she was black.

I think that most of the characters in this book are flat because Kenny doesn't change at all. Unlike Byron he is dynamic because he changes a lot and I think he's the most dynamic character in the book. Also Joey is flat too. She has been a nice, little, sweet, caring, six year old girl through out the whole story. I think mom and dad didn't change a lot either. All though mom promised herself if Byron plays with matches she would burn one of his fingers but she couldn't do it cause Joey didn't want to. I think Kenny acted foiled because he overcame a fear. He overcame his vision of the Wool Pooh. Also Kenny overcame his fear of his visions. The visions he's had are Joey's death and the wool pooh.

A character that I think is really supportive is Kenny because at the beginning of the book he gave some of his lunch to the new kid that had no friends and was poor. I thought that was a really nice thing to do because being the new kid isn't easy and he had no friends and he didn't have a lunch so Kenny was being a real nice friend and let him eat half of his sandwich. The setting at the place was outside of his school and that's important because the reader may want to know where were they are at the time and what school they go to. This was a really good book and I'm definitely going to read it again.

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