My Cousin
Carina Vogel

I have three cousins that all live in Chicago, Illinois Kuper, Sylvi, and Liza. But the one I always play with is Liza.I play with all of them but Liza is the one I play with the most. She is seven years old and we love to play together when she comes to my town or I go to her town. I love her so much. We, play, swim, and tons more! Even sleep in the same room! We fight sometimes but always make up. Liza and I have a lot of stuff in common. Like playing, reading magazines, listening to music, pretending, and lots more.

We celebrate most of the holidays together like Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, sometimes The 4 of July, and that's pretty much it. We decorate eggs together, share our Christmas presents, and have lots of fun! Every Christmas she comes to my home towns so every Christmas morning we have a special brunch. We share, play, imagine, pretend, and lots more!

They stay at my grandma's house when they come in to town but come to our house a lot. My grandma has a few extra rooms so that's why they stay at her house. So we celebrate Christmas eve at my grandma's. When we go to Chicago we stay at their house. I sleep in Liza's room on an air mattress, my parents sleep in Sylvi's bed, my brothers sleep in Kuper's room on an air mattress, and Sylvi sleeps on the bottom bunk in Kuper's room too.

Kuper is 12 and Sylvi is 10. Me and Liza both have big imaginations we like to pretend stuff but it isn't really happening. We play dress up, house, watch movies, go shopping, and tons more. Then the day comes. I have to leave Chicago or she has to leave my home town. It is always the worst. It is a five hour drive to Michigan to Chicago or Chicago to Michigan. We always miss each other. I hate it when that day comes. So this is why I love her so much.

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