What was your favorite activity & why?
My Favorite activity was The Reptiles and Amphibians because I don’t usually get to hold those kind of animals everyday! I thought that was really cool because I really liked the feeling of all the animals is I had to choose a favorite animal I held it would either be the Snakes, Bearded Dragon, or the Salamander. So I thought the Reptiles and Amphibians was one of the best things I did at camp.

What was one challenge you faced & how did you overcome it?
One of my challenges was climbing the hardest rock wall. I overcame it by pushing myself to do a great thing, and I really liked it that everyone was cheering me on when I couldn’t reach the bell. When I rang the bell I was relieved and overwhelmed and everyone was cheering for me when I did it so that’s what made me happy. And that’s how I overcame one of my challenges.

How well did your team work together?
We worked together really well. One of our challenges was to stand on a log and put our self in alphabetical order from our middle names. But the hard part was that we weren’t able to speak cause we where on mute. So we worked together by mouthing the first letter of our middle names and spelled them out with sticks. So that’s how my team and I worked together.

What does a good team look like?
A good team looks like appreciation for the other members on your team. Also you all of to work together and take turns. A good team has to work together to figure something out on their own. So you have to help each other to learn new stuff and to help others out.

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