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I have improved my writing by spelling a a lot better and Mrs. Fitz has been a huge help with my writing. I also improved not using first person. I have learned how to write an essay a lot better than I used to and how to write a literary analysis. I think I improved a lot because my paragraphs used to be four sentences long now they are 13-17 sentences long. When we had to write an essay once and I only did two paragraphs. Now I do up to six paragraphs.

My reading has improved because at the beginning of the year I was a U and now I'm a Y-Z. Mrs. Fitz has helped me through out the whole year by reading hard books to the class and helping me understand the meaning of the word and the definition so Mrs. Fitz has beena huge help with my reading. I'm really happy with all of the reading progress and I will be really happy once I am a full Z. I am going to try really hard to move up to a Z. Then I will be able to read any book I want.

I feel great with the overall expierence through out the year because I thought I worked really hard and typed up as many words as I can and I have really improved by spelling, reading, writing, and lots of other stuff. The thing I think the most I improved on is writing. I learned how to write a lot better by writing books, reading books, and doing the 40 book challenge. I'm really happy with the progress I have made. I'm glad Mrs. Fitz is my language arts teacher because without her I wouldn't be able to do lots of this stuff.

My goal for this class is probably to write and describe words and paragraphs better. I don't think I have been writing paragraphs too well but I"m trying to improve. I just finished my literary analysis but I think I did good on it. Sometimes I have trouble thinking about my conclusion or my body of the paragraph. But I'm trying to improve and I've made lors of progress.

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